Fitzgerald-Kenney, James

Wednesday, 9 August 1933

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 49 No. 13

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Private Notice Question. - Recruitment of Additional Gárdai.

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state whether it is a fact that a new armed force is being organised by the Government; and if so whether he will give the Dáil particulars of this new force;...More Button

Might I ask the Minister if the Commissioner has selected these men according to the regulations of the Gárda code; if the Commissioner was the person who selected them?More Button

Is it perfectly inaccurate then to state, as has been stated, that a Deputy of this House selected a number of persons who are being brought in?More Button

It has been stated in the public Press, as the Minister no doubt is aware. Is that incorrect? Have the provisions of the Gárda code been followed out as to the age, qualifications, recommendations as...More Button

I did not say the Minister was responsible, but I asked if the statement which appeared in the public Press, that a Deputy of this House had the selection of the men, is or is not true.More Button

I want to know if what is definitely laid down in the Gárda code is going to be followed.More Button

You could not if you follow out what is in the Gárda code. I again ask the Minister is the statement that has appeared in the public Press, that these recruits have been selected or are being selecte...More Button

That is not an answer to the question. I again put my question: Did a Deputy of this House select these persons who are to be taken on as recruits?More Button

Adjournment Debate. - Government Policy.

We have had to-night a very interesting speech delivered by the Minister for Industry and Commerce. He went to an enormous amount of trouble to explain to the House that the imports into this State w...More Button

Does the Minister say that this body is armed without the permission of the State?More Button

“If it becomes revolutionary”, you read out.More Button

That is what you said; that is what you read out.More Button

Does the Minister suggest that free speech can never be abused?More Button

That seems to be the Minister's policy.More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

Yes, and in the police reports.More Button

Yes.More Button

Yes.More Button

I took nothing away with me. If the Minister states that I took any documents away from the Department of Justice he is making a false statement. I say that repeated reports came in from the police ...More Button

So far as I am concerned I burned no documents and, as far as I know, not a single document was burned in the Department of Justice.More Button

By nobody in the Department of Justice and they were not taken from the Department of Justice. These statements of the Minister are absolutely false.More Button

I will.More Button

Yes.More Button

Of course it was under my control.More Button

I gave no instructions to anybody to destroy any files.More Button

I was not aware and I do not believe the files were destroyed.More Button

I do not know whether it was or not. I certainly gave no instructions to destroy any files.More Button

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