McGilligan, Patrick

Friday, 23 February 1934

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 50 No. 14

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You are not restricting speech in the Dáil, are you?More Button

It will be repeated if you like.More Button

Might I put it that it is time to advert to a peculiarly blatant piece of insolence founded in ignorance?More Button

Funking again.More Button

I want to speak on the motion.More Button

I want to know is the discussion being ruled out of order? There has been no motion to put the question. Is the discussion being ruled out of order?More Button

Is the discussion being ruled out of order by the Chair?More Button

The Chair is, in fact, ruling the discussion out of order?More Button

So that murders and the mechanics of murder cannot be discussed. That is what they are afraid of.More Button

Blue Funk No. 1 Bill.More Button

The Minister can never stick to a statement—an amazing man.More Button

There is a Chairman to do that.More Button

He is a tough little guy, that fellow.More Button

Supplementary Estimate, 1933-34. - Vote No. 56—Industry and Commerce.

Practically tried out?More Button

In a laboratory only.More Button

Where?More Button

Before the Minister leaves the subject of potatoes and alcohol, I should like to know if I have got the figures right—£100,000 for distilleries.More Button

About £100,000; 25,000 tons of potatoes yielding 120,000 gallons of industrial alcohol?More Button

The Minister mentioned the figure of 120,000 gallons.More Button

We are going to make up to half a million or 600,000 gallons?More Button

Yes, to yield half a million gallons of industrial spirit. The Minister said that it was difficult to find out the price at which the alcohol would be available. Has he statistics which would show t...More Button

Is he clear that it was ever done in any other country?More Button

Am I right in saying that the price per gallon of petrol is 4d., free of tax?More Button

C.i.f. coming into the country, 4d?More Button

So that the difference will be between 4d. and 3/-?More Button

A little over one-half of what it has cost everywhere else.More Button

One shilling and ninepence will be our material cost at 35/- per ton and 18 per cent. content of starch.More Button

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