Rowlette, Dr. Robert James

Tuesday, 6 March 1934

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 51 No. 1

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Local Services (Temporary Economies) (No. 2) Bill, 1933—Committee Stage (Resumed).

Deputy Dillon asked a question at the close of the Minister's speech as to how much money it was hoped to save by the application of this cut to the salary of medical officers. The Minister was natur...More Button

I shall give one reason in a moment. I suggest to the Minister that no money will be saved to the local authorities by this cut, but that greater expense will be placed on them because of the number...More Button

The Minister will have to consider that point when application is made to him for permission to retire. I am sure he will take a fair view.More Button

I am getting too near the margin myself to offer a definition to the Minister. I suggest that the cost to the local authorities will be increased for the reason I have stated. The Minister stated tha...More Button

Workmen's Compensation Bill, 1933—From the Seanad.

Is Deputy Briscoe withdrawing his amendment?More Button

The Deputy has spoken of the burdens that industry will have to bear if this very modest amendment of the Seanad be adopted. Why does industry escape this burden at present? For the simple reason, wh...More Button

It is not the experience of those engaged in industry that medical attendance is of any use to an injured workman! That is the Deputy's statement—that the help of one of our leading surgeons—we, phys...More Button

No. Deputy Briscoe is much too adroit to say that.More Button

Very rarely.More Button

Deputy Briscoe, judging by his speech and his interruption, is clearly in touch with an entirely different class of the profession from those concerned with this measure or with whom I have had any co...More Button

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