Cosgrave, William T.

Thursday, 17 May 1934

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 52 No. 9

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Constitution (Amendment No. 24) Bill—Report.

On a point of order, Sir, is the President to conclude?More Button

Is that right?More Button

Probably the last couple of words in the statement to which we just listened epitomised the whole situation. “There is nothing further to say”—having really said nothing. Let us examine the situatio...More Button

I know he did not, but he said that amendments to the Constitution should not be effected after the fashion that is proposed in the amendment, but, if they are to be at all, they should be in the form...More Button

After 16 years?More Button

Yes, quite right, or perhaps before 16 years, if we pay attention to some observations that were made yesterday in another place. That was the opinion of the people after the Constituent Assembly had ...More Button

We are getting very close to it here.More Button

There is a point of order that I should like to put to you, Sir. Standing Order 36 says: “A Deputy desiring to speak shall rise in his place”——More Button

Standing Order 38 says: “No Deputy shall be entitled to speak twice upon the same motion, except to close the debate on a motion of which he was the proposer; but a Deputy is not precluded from speaki...More Button

I am raising a point of order, and I do not think it is in order for a Deputy, or even for a Minister, to interrupt when a point of order is being raised. I have not put the point of order yet. Dep...More Button

That is not my point. A certain discussion was taking place on amendment No. 1. Will Deputy Costello be in order in addressing himself on the main question to his arguments, or are they disposed of? ...More Button

We have an amendment now to Article L. Can we discuss Article L when this amendment is disposed of?More Button

On the point of order, this Bill having been amended is open to very serious objections. The Deputy, I submit with great respect, is in order in making the case that the Dáil in its wisdom ought not...More Button

It could not.More Button

I have only a few observations to make on the measure as amended. There is a certain gentleman, as I have heard, who occasionally commits a lapse from grace: that is to say he spends too long at his ...More Button

If I may point out to my friend here, it has at least this pull over the Bill as introduced: that a day has been added to the official life of the Comptroller and Auditor-General and to the independen...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 32—Office of the Minister for Justice.

The Minister is reported in column 815 of the Official Debates of 9th May as saying:— “I have been prepared at any time to place the police reports that I have at the disposal of the Leader of the Opp...More Button

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