McGilligan, Patrick

Thursday, 17 May 1934

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 52 No. 9

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Constitution (Amendment No. 24) Bill—Report.

I am not so sure of that, Sir.More Button

May I enter an objection to the proposal to discuss them together?More Button

I have always objected in a discussion of these matters in fractions. Fractions are not the essence of the matter. Does any amendment spoken of prevent a simple majority of another House cutting loo...More Button

This does not prevent his abolition by a majority vote hereafter. Let me put this analogy for the purpose of getting a distinction. Supposing the Government of the moment introduces a tariff and puts...More Button

It is interesting to note that the arguments which were addressed to the last amendment, and which were criticised by the Attorney-General as being proper for a court but not for this House, have now ...More Button

At any rate, I have deliberated over the matter and have given an expression of opinion.More Button

I do not confess to a political agnosticism, as the President does. I do hold that there was a Constituent Assembly, and that it, having passed a particular Constitution, and submitted it to the peo...More Button

And I am sure if it was found to be held by a majority of the judges, the judges would not stand very long, and that is what we are against. Once you get going on this high-road, that the representat...More Button

It should have been “Guilty.”More Button

You can speak on the Estimate for the Department of Justice.More Button

I did not know I ever did such a good act.More Button

I am rather glad to get the definite indication from the last speaker that what he aims at is majority rule to remove judges. That is quite frank. Majority rule is to be allowed to remove judges. T...More Button

If I did anything against Deputy Corry it was always open to question by judges.More Button

And succeeded. Yet, despite that, Deputy Corry's view is that the majority ought to have power to wipe out the judges. Certainly! And presumably also to break up the public meetings of those who are...More Button

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