Lemass, Seán F.

Wednesday, 23 May 1934

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 52 No. 12

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Does the Deputy want an explanation of the whole 45 duties at once?More Button

I think it has been the practice to take each separately.More Button

Reference No. 1 imposes a duty upon articles intended for use as holders of paper or twine. These articles at present are dutiable when made of certain materials and it is intended to make them dutia...More Button

There is a duty of 50 per cent. on wooden containers for twine or paper.More Button

A preferential rate of 33? per cent. The effect of the duty is to make the 50 per cent. operative on all containers for paper or twine, no matter what materials they are made of, without a preferent...More Button

It is a new duty. No. 5 extends the existing duty upon galvanised hollow ware and brings subject to duty the articles set out in the list. The existing duties are on domestic hollow ware of galvanised...More Button

No, the Minister is not going to answer any question until he is finished. No. 6 extends the duty upon cast iron articles. A number of these articles are at present dutiable under Emergency Orders. ...More Button

No. Articles of rubber are excluded. No. 28 makes the same change in respect of rugs. No. 29 imposes a duty upon live domestic fowls, turkeys, geese and ducks. There has been a duty in operation upo...More Button

The same thing applies there. It is a duty imposed on glazed articles by an emergency order some time towards the end of last year in anticipation of forestalling taking place following the announcem...More Button

That is only in regard to certain parts of that reference. Hollow ware of domestic or household use has been dutiable. That duty is being repealed, and is being re-enacted under this reference. Some...More Button

They have all been dutiable up to the present.More Button

22½ per cent.More Button

The preferential rate was abolished by emergency order in 1932.More Button

No.More Button

Can the Deputy say whether the price charged was the ex-factory price or price delivered? Is he clear that the 6/6 included the duty?More Button

Is that stated? Has the Deputy made sure of it?More Button

Does the price quoted include duty? The Deputy is sure that is correct?More Button

There are three circumstances in which power to permit imports free of duty under licence is taken—(1) where certain industrial developments are pending, and it is necessary to secure that the market ...More Button

He said that they were engaged in exploiting the people, and were fit only to be inmates of prisons, or words to that effect. That is quite typical of people of Deputy Anthony's mentality. Because t...More Button

The Deputy is going to hear my reply. We have, unfortunately, a number of people who, when they get one unsubstantiated complaint about the price charged for Irish goods, condemn all Irish industrial...More Button

I challenge the Deputy to read the telegram he said he received.More Button

I want the Deputy to produce evidence of his statement. He has made the statement that the price charged by a Scottish contractor was 1d. less——More Button

And that included the duty?More Button

The Deputy said he read the telegram.More Button

Did the Deputy say the duty was included in the price?More Button

Inclusive of duty?More Button

Did the telegram state that?More Button

Did the builder tell the Deputy that that included the duty?More Button

Did the builder tell the Deputy that, in fact, the duty is of very little importance in relation to rain-water goods, that there is complete prohibition of the use of imported rain-water goods in hou...More Button

That builder was, I think, pulling the Deputy's leg. The Deputy was only too anxious to allow his leg to be pulled, so that he could come in here and condemn all Irish industrialists as people whose ...More Button

There are more honest people in this country than Deputy Anthony seems to think, and quite a number of them are engaged in industry.More Button

Deputy Mulcahy raised a question concerning reference No. 12 and the necessity for a licensing provision in that connection. The reason is that difficulties in respect of the definition were anticipa...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Financial Resolution No. 5—Customs.

I move: “That the Dáil agree with the Committee in Resolution No. 5.” The effect of this Resolution is really to consolidate all the duties which have been in operation on boots and shoes and which ...More Button

It has not been operative. The preference rate in respect to British goods, which were the only goods concerned, was abolished in 1932 by Emergency Order.More Button

On boots and shoes?More Button

I am not aware that they have resulted in any increase in the price of boots and shoes. On the contrary, I think the general public are commenting very favourably on the fact that a very high standar...More Button

That is a long story. I have already explained to the Deputy that this is not a new duty. There is no new tariff except on second-hand boots and shoes. The effect of this Resolution is merely to cod...More Button

The prospects are excellent.More Button

It is the best statement I could make.More Button

Who was it that got a loan at 2½ per cent?More Button

What sort of manufacturer?More Button

Of what?More Button

This motion deals with the tariffs on boots and shoes.More Button

The Deputy said something about a tariff of 50 per cent.More Button

But this statement is ridiculous.More Button

About 50 per cent.More Button

What has all this to do with the merits of the Resolution?More Button

Who does not know?More Button

Does the Deputy know the writer?More Button

Yet he quotes the letter as being necessarily accurate?More Button

The Deputy knows who I am.More Button

But he does not know the writer of that letter.More Button

But the Deputy says he knows nothing at all about that gentleman.More Button

Any stick is good enough to beat Irish industry.More Button

I want to ask Deputy Anthony why he quotes a letter written by somebody whom he does not know and who, he says, is a secretary of a union he never heard of.More Button

Oh, humbug.More Button

And did he know the union?More Button

That is the answer to Deputy Belton.More Button

In that case, you are out of order.More Button

You did not think of doing it already. You made a public speech about it first.More Button

And this is the first place you make a reference to it in public.More Button

In a manner which prevents any possible reply.More Button

Might I remind the Deputy and the Chair that the matter cannot possibly be replied to. An allegation can be made that cannot be dealt with on this Resolution and the Deputy takes good care that he do...More Button

Give the information.More Button

Stop making speeches about it until you have done so.More Button

Why did you read it?More Button

You did not take any steps to find out whether it was true or not.More Button

Might I suggest that any general debate on tariffs might take place on the general Resolution?More Button

Deputy O'Higgins said that he does not believe all the tales he hears round the country concerning the conditions in Irish factories in general, or in Irish boot factories in particular. The fact tha...More Button

If Deputies opposite had any sincerity whatever behind their oft-professed desire to see industrial development here, they would give to Irish industry the assistance of their silence for at least a ...More Button

We had Deputy Belton on the same lines. The speech of Deputy O'Higgins was an answer to Deputy Belton because he mentioned that the tariff upon boots and shoes was initiated by our predecessors. Depu...More Button

It was imposed in 1924. Seven years after that tariff was imposed this Government came into office. During the whole of that period, that tariff was bringing in revenue and nothing but revenue to the...More Button

Next time I ask the Deputy to do that before he makes the charge in public. That would be the decent thing to do, but it did not appear to strike the Deputy.More Button

He did not raise it in a form in which it could be answered.More Button

He takes his cue from the nominal leader of his Party. I noticed yesterday in Kilkenny, and on every occasion on which I have been present at any official function in relation to these factories, tha...More Button

If I ever have occasion to open boot factories in Leix, in Limerick and in Cork, Deputy Anthony will be there, Deputy Bennett will be there and Deputy O'Higgins will be there mouthing the very same se...More Button

Twelve per cent. of the requirements of the Free State was being supplied by home factories after seven years of the protective policy of the Cumann na nGaedheal Party. I do not say that we are capab...More Button

Deputy Anthony says that he is interested in tariffs in a double-barrelled way. He is quite right. If he cannot bring down industrial revival with one barrel he has another always in reserve to hav...More Button

The Deputies said everything that could be said detrimental to the interests of every industry in this country.More Button

Deputy Anthony and Deputy O'Higgins should talk less about efficiency and should stop saying that I made statements here which they could prove to be inaccurate, and that statements made about industr...More Button

Deputy McGilligan never did anything of the kind. I put it to Deputy O'Higgins if what he says is true all he has to do is read some of the speeches Deputy McGilligan made, and to repeat them here. ...More Button

We have done 50 per cent in one and a half years, in an industry which requires a very high degree of technical skill, in which in other countries it takes five years to train workers in the skilled p...More Button

If the Deputy would stop talking about Edenderry and if he did not represent Leix-Offaly we would be able to interest more people in that factory. Anyone we mentioned the factory to said: “No, not at...More Button

The Deputy can put down a question about that at any time.More Button

If the Deputy will undertake to stop talking about Irish industries for 12 months I think we will be able to do so.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Financial Resolution No. 6—Customs.

I move: “That the Dáil agree with the Committee in Resolution No. 6.” This is a similar Resolution and it effects a few changes which are designed to simplify the duties on wearing apparel. There ar...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Financial Resolutions Nos. 7 to 12—Customs.

“That the Dáil agree with the Committee in Resolution No. 7.” This is a similar Resolution. It effects no actual changes, but is designed to simplify the present Customs Schedule. Question put and ag...More Button

I move: “That the Dáil agree with the Committee in Resolution No. 8.” This is a Resolution of a similar kind. A number of changes have been made in motor car and motor car parts by Finance Acts and ...More Button

Where there are a number of duties they may be grouped. There are very few changes. As there are probably 500 separate parts in motor cars which may be dutiable under separate headings the intention ...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Financial Resolution No. 17.

The changes made by this Resolution are easily explained. Reference No. 1 imposes a minimum duty of 2d. on Rosaries. That is designed to make good the protection given to the industry a number of yea...More Button

By reduction of the price so as to come within the exemption limit. Paragraph (b) cancels the duty on riddles, sieves and containers for paper and twine which are being reimposed by Resolution 4. Pa...More Button

I move: “That the Dáil agree with the Committee in Resolution No. 18.” The only effect of this Resolution is to cancel duties which have been re-arranged in Resolutions Nos. 4 and 17. Most of these ...More Button

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