Davin, William

Wednesday, 19 December 1934

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 54 No. 10

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Hear, hear!More Button

What about the activity on your part?More Button

Does that include the two Deputies on the other side?More Button

What about your own colleagues?More Button

It is nearly time.More Button

What would be the value of General O'Duffy for export purposes?More Button

Or be led by him.More Button

The only redeeming feature of the speech delivered this evening by Deputy Cosgrave was his invitation to the House, and presumably to the country, to discuss the problems that call for solution along ...More Button

I have reason to believe that, and if that is not the reason I should like to know from Deputy Donnelly what is the reason for the failure to introduce and pass that measure before now. I suppose we...More Button

Yes, and I was very glad you did. I do not want to see money going into the pockets of people for whom it was not intended. There was plenty of evidence to show that there was reason for shutting it...More Button

Perhaps they deserve to be called the twelve apostles.More Button

I should like to hear what the Parliamentary Secretary has to say in answer to all this when he is replying. If employment is going to be found in the State service, the semi-State services, or the in...More Button

There is; but I am sorry to say that it has not been adhered to. I have been doing my best with the Minister for Local Government to force these contractors to carry out their contracts within the st...More Button

I am sure that the Deputy who has deported his leader to Montreux will have an opportunity of making his contribution to this debate, and when his time comes to speak I will not deny him a hearing.More Button

There is a considerable amount of genuine cause for complaint. I refer now to what is generally recognised in the rural areas and in some of the cities and towns—the recent unjustifiable increase in t...More Button

Deputy Finlay could tell us about some of the people who have done these things in my constituency. A farmer cattle dealer in my constituency, a man who does not live very far away from Deputy Finlay,...More Button

I have been waiting a long time, and I am now in possession. I waited a long time to hear Deputy Finlay's melodious voice before I got up to speak, and I will not give way now.More Button

In this particular case this farmer butcher bought about 100 cattle at 14/-, 15/-, and in a few cases 16/- per cwt., before the Act came into operation. He killed some of them before the Act was in o...More Button

I ask the Minister to strike off the register butchers who use the power of this State to rob the people. The butchers are robbing the people. At the same time, others are given licences to export c...More Button

The meaning of the word ignorant is altogether different as far as I and the Deputy understand the word.More Button

I want Deputy Finlay to say that the people, regardless of the section to which they belong, will be given their rights and will be given the protection to which they are entitled. That is a simple a...More Button

I did not refer to the Deputy in any disrespectful way. I merely appealed to him to support certain proposals which he knows to be right. We have had an appeal from Deputy Cosgrave this evening, for...More Button

It is not a bankers' commission like yours was.More Button

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