Fahy, Frank

Friday, 5 July 1935

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 57 No. 13

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Motion for Late Sitting.

That is not a point of order.More Button

I am accepting that motion.More Button

I have accepted the motion and there can be no further discussion. Question put. The Dáil divided: Tá, 55; Níl, 24. TáMore Button

Conditions of Employment Bill, 1935—Committee (Resumed).

It is out of order.More Button

Amendments Nos. 128 and 129 are interdependent.More Button

Is the amendment withdrawn?More Button

Has not that matter been disposed of?More Button

Finance Bill, 1935—Committee Stage (Resumed).

We are concerned with slates here.More Button

That is a matter for the Minister for Industry and Commerce.More Button

Deputy Belton.More Button

Order!More Button

That is not a point of order.More Button

The Deputy is correct in saying that there is only one item before the Committee.More Button

That has no relation to a tax on paper.More Button

Neither political attacks on, nor the Government attitude towards newspapers, arise on this amendment.More Button

If the Minister rises to a point of order, the Chair must hear it.More Button

The Minister quite properly directed the Chair as to the significance of this duty or tax, and to the fact that no licences are involved. The Chair has to be guided by the Minister in such matters.More Button

The Chair simply accepted the Minister's statement that there is no licensing power.More Button

Order.More Button

That disorderly remark should not have been repeated.More Button

There is another amendment to the schedule.More Button

That tax has been passed.More Button

An interruption by Deputy Donnelly does not put a thing in order.More Button

I do not think the Deputy was here when I said that a remark or interjection by Deputy Donnelly, who has not interfered otherwise in this debate, on one specific tax, does not put a debate on the taxa...More Button

The Chair was waiting for the Deputy to come to the matter under discussion.More Button

I want to hear what the Deputy has to say.More Button

I desire to elucidate the position relative to this schedule. If Deputies look at page 1 of the Bill, they will observe that Sections 10 and 11 refer to the imposition of duties in the First Schedule...More Button

Discussion on the principle would arise by way of amendment. The House decided that Section 12 and the schedule mentioned should stand, unless Deputies tabled amendments. Explanation of items may, o...More Button

Deputies are not precluded from demanding any explanation or elucidation of that character, but, the principle agreed should not be re-discussed.More Button

It seems to the Chair that much of the matter referred to would come within the province of the Minister for Industry and Commerce.More Button

The Deputy's query is in order.More Button

That may be so, but the Deputy must take this particular item by itself. It is simply an increase of duty on certain specific articles, and those alone may be dealt with.More Button

The Deputy will see that that would apply to every tax in this Budget and that it might be said about every one of them.More Button

It might be true but not relevant.More Button

What about putty?More Button

To report progress.More Button

The Chair has also received another motion: That the Dáil do now adjourn until 10.30 a.m. on Saturday, July 6th, 1935, and that the Order for the adjournment on that date be taken not later than 12 o'...More Button

The order on the adjournment is made before the adjournment. A statement was, as usual, made in the morning but no order. That is the position. The statement was that the motion for the adjournment...More Button

I have accepted the Motion. If it is challenged, it can be put to a division.More Button

The Chair has accepted the motion.More Button

That progress be reported.More Button

I am putting the question that progress be now reported.More Button

I accept that motion.More Button

There can be no discussion on the motion.More Button

There can be no discussion.More Button

Discussion ends once that motion has been accepted.More Button

The question is that, on the motion to report progress, the question be now put. Question put. The Dáil divided: Tá, 39; Níl, 20. TáMore Button

As regards the motion that the Dáil do now adjourn till 10.30 a.m. to-morrow, July 6th, that motion was handed to the Chair as a matter of urgency, as certain Bills have to get through this House with...More Button

Comments on the Chair may be made by one method, by express resolution.More Button

Very well.More Button

I am accepting the motion that the question be now put.More Button

I have accepted the motion that the question be now put. The Deputy understands this matter must be decided before 12 o'clock.More Button

Not under Standing Orders.More Button

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