Belton, Patrick

Wednesday, 30 October 1935

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 59 No. 1

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Private Deputies' Business. - Establishment of a Republic—Motion.

While I agree in the main with Deputy MacEoin, personally I am against the motion. I wonder has Deputy MacEoin thought of what might follow from the alternatives. I am sure he does not stand or never...More Button

I read it.More Button

I read it as a statement of the President's. He can contradict it and I will accept the contradiction.More Button

If we are not a nation after the statement published by the Press of this country and I presume of the world——More Button

Well, we have the head of the Royal House of Dalkey here.More Button

If we are not a nation, how, in the words of the President, have we qualified to associate as equal with the nations of the world in Geneva?More Button

I am not troubled about Deputy Donnelly's query, and I am afraid that Deputy Donnelly must have turned up his nose when he read the President's statement that we are a free nation after centuries of ...More Button

Well, then, the President did not say it?More Button

Well, then, are we on equal terms with the free nations in Geneva?More Button

Not every nation in Geneva is a free nation? Well, are we free to support this wonderful Covenant of the League of Nations? Are we free to raise an army here and send it out to be annihilated on a Eu...More Button

Sure! How are you going to support the Covenant of the League of Nations...More Button

Well, Sir, we are on the question of a free nation, and it will be very useful information, and certainly will make confusion worse confounded, when the President's interruption and statement, and Dep...More Button

It is not a time to be throwing in queries. There are too many queries over there. There is a note of interrogation over there on those benches that would go up to the top of the House. I do not wa...More Button

I am not referring to the Irish Press. I thought it was correct. However, Sir, I think that nobody should be in a hurry to set up for decision in this country, in present circumstances, either the i...More Button

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