Morrissey, Daniel

Wednesday, 15 January 1936

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 59 No. 19

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The Deputy who has just sat down said he believes there is a lot of dishonesty behind all this. I should like to say that I never heard a more dishonest speech than the one delivered by the Deputy. ...More Button

On the last occasion when I spoke on this matter I pointed out that if the North Tipperary County Council, when this Bill becomes law, has to make good the amount of the grants withheld by the Governm...More Button

Well, the Deputy went outside the House anyway; he may have gone to the front gate. I am making the point that he was anxious to pair, because it proves beyond yea or nay that there are Fianna Fáil D...More Button

Is there any member of the Party opposite who knows anything about local politics, who believes that they can collect £1,000,000 additional? At any rate, every Deputy opposite knows that every one or...More Button

The Deputy is getting uneasy. He is one of the ablest speakers on the other side, and he knows better than most of them how to face up to a bad case. But there are some cases so bad that even Deputy...More Button

An ignorant speech on this particular subject. He told us he was prepared, in company with the rest of his colleagues, blindly to follow his leader.More Button

He allows his sense of loyalty to blind his intelligence. I suggest to Deputy Donnelly and members of the Party opposite that they should consider this whole matter seriously. The majority of them in...More Button

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