Brennan, Michael

Wednesday, 15 January 1936

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 59 No. 19

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I am afraid the remarks which Deputy Morrissey made in respect of Deputy Donnelly and his ability to study the situation apply with equal force to every member of the Government Party opposite. But n...More Button

Let me explain. If the British Government insisted on the Guarantee Fund and if the predecessors of the present Government insisted on it, it was for the purpose of ensuring payment to the stockholde...More Button

I am not.More Button

I do not wish to contravene the ruling of the Chair. Deputy Donnelly used an expression which was used by more than one other Deputy—that one would imagine that this was the first time this was being ...More Button

I am not discussing it.More Button

The matter is not really open to discussion, because the Minister for Finance and the House know that what I am saying is perfectly correct.More Button

The recommendations before the House are no more than an endeavour to save not alone the unfortunate people who have already paid their rates and annuities, but whatever little self-respect is left in...More Button

We have quite enough to do to look after our own business. They are able to look after their own business and you have evidence of that in the coal-cattle pact.More Button

They do not need anybody's assistance. They come out winners every time. If the annuities are unpaid to the extent of £716,000, why is that so? There must be some reason for it. Deputy Donnelly sa...More Button

I advise Deputy Donnelly to inquire from the secretary of the county council of the county which he represents as to what are the prospects of continuing social services and of making provision for ro...More Button

And if he did, the people would have had an open market which would be quite a different matter. By this retrospective legislation, the Government are ensuring that not alone will the ratepaying comm...More Button

If he did put it in, there is one thing he did not do—he did not get any advantage out of it, neither did his Exchequer. It was not then Government revenue. Every penny of it went to pay the stockho...More Button

I am not. I know well the ground I am on. We had the Attorney-General quoting a case to show that it was not the first time retrospective legislation was introduced in this House. Of course it was ...More Button

Before the Act of 1898, in the Grand Jury days, there were county cess and poor rates, and a certain portion was paid by the landlords. Then the landlords were bought out and grants were made availabl...More Button

Why did they fail to pay £716,000 last year? Is it dishonest the people have become or is it bankrupt? The Deputy should take his choice of the two. The situation staring us in the face is that the...More Button

They have.More Button

Might I correct the Deputy for a moment?More Button

The Government last year actually withheld £716,000. Those are the figures given in the House.More Button

I agree.More Button

If I might correct the Minister; the Roscommon County Council was notified that at that particular time not £29,000 but £39,000 were outstanding, and that that would have to be withheld unless certain...More Button

But at the relevant date £26,000 were withheld.More Button

You may thank the Chair. It was out of order to-day.More Button

Is not this Committee Stage?More Button

On a point of order, Sir, I think we were prevented from discussing the general purposes of the Guarantee Fund—that is my recollection of the discussion—and the Minister himself was the gentleman who ...More Button

The Minister is not now dealing with the retrospective clauses.More Button

You will be permitted to show why.More Button

That is what we are waiting for.More Button

We have no objection —let there be one division. Question—“That the Committee disagree with the three recommendations made by Seanad Eireann.” The Committee divided: Tá, 71; Níl, 63. TáMore Button

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