Dillon, James Matthew

Thursday, 4 February 1937

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 65 No. 2

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Fees under Cement Act.

Oh, answer the supplementary question and have done with it.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Home-Grown Wheat.

asked the Minister for Agriculture if he will state why he deemed it expedient to reduce by order the quantity of home-grown wheat to be used by Irish millers in 1936-37.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Admixture Policy of Department of Agriculture.

Is the Minister aware that in large areas in West Donegal maize meal is used as a human food, and that the increased cost has placed an immense burden on those people? Is he further aware that the inc...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Pigs Marketing Board Statistics.

asked the Minister for Agriculture whether under the powers conferred on him by Section 137 of the Pigs and Bacon Act, 1935, he will require from the Pigs Marketing Board (1) a return of the moneys th...More Button

Arising out of the Minister's reply, is he aware that at the present moment the Pigs Marketing Board is illegally and fraudulently transferring the funds of the hypothetical price fund to the curers i...More Button

Does not the Minister know that the Pigs Marketing Board is making payments at the present time to the curers out of the hypothetical price fund in respect of exports to Great Britain during the last...More Button

Does the Minister not know the facts, and if he does not know will he ask the board to tell him? Is the Minister the only man in Ireland who does not know that fact?More Button

Owing to the highly unsatisfactory nature of the Minister's reply, I beg to give notice that I propose to raise this matter on the motion for the adjournment.More Button

If I was in any way irregular I beg leave to withdraw the expression.More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 17—Rates on Government Property.

No, the Deputy has not.More Button

It is quite clear, Sir, that the Minister for Finance is trying to provoke Deputies in this House, because it is grotesque for the Minister for Finance to say that he has come in here to introduce an ...More Button

That is very typical of Fianna Fáil: “Let us be merry while we may.” I had occasion on a previous discussion to liken the Fianna Fáil Party to a gentleman who went out on the spree. There was a fri...More Button

Absolutely. It is an instalment by the State in respect of the first payment by local authorities of their first instalment on the accumulated debts of the last four years. Many Deputies think that t...More Button

Very well. I shall not, but I invite Deputies to make the comparison for themselves.More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 22—Stationery and Printing.

How simple it is to say that. That settles the whole thing.More Button

The Minister means sub-head F (3).More Button

And which is being met under sub-head F (2).More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 71—Repayment of Dáil Eireann External Loans.

I take it that the Minister will be in a position to-day to tell us what stage has been reached in the repayment of those loans. The first question I should like to put is: Has the Irish Press banked...More Button

May I make this submission, that this £1,000 is required for the purpose of drawing the attention of persons who are entitled to repayment under the provisions of the Repayment Act, and who have not a...More Button

There is an Estimate for printing and advertising, and presumably the only purpose is to draw the attention of all bondholders to the fact that we are holding ourselves ready to redeem these bonds. I...More Button

Is the Minister entitled to advertise in Zanzibar for bondholders when we know there are none there? Is the Minister entitled to single out the Irish Press for advertising?More Button

The Minister may not interrupt on a point of order, and I will not give way. I want to raise the question of the strict relationship of that part reserved for advertising and I think we are entitled ...More Button

I freely admit that the purpose of my argument is to refresh the public memory and to direct attention again to the participation——More Button

Is that a point of order?More Button

Is that a point of order?More Button

If the Chair heard that point of order that ends the matter. May I draw attention to this, that the Minister has informed the Chair that there is no provision in the Estimate for advertising.More Button

I now refer the Chair and the House to the explanatory note on the face of the Estimate at the instance of the Minister “Additional sum required for salaries, wages and expenses of staff, office accom...More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 76—Repayments to Contingency Fund.

Has the Minister any information about the sub-heads because a word is usually said justifying payments from the fund.More Button

Fortunately servants of the State do not die every year under the tragic circumstances which surrounded that of a Saorstát Legation official, and I think the Minister should give us the circumstances.More Button

The Contingency Fund is a peculiar fund, as it arises as a result of Ministers in very grave emergencies making payments for which they have no special authority. A certain fund is set aside, an omni...More Button

That is not the view of the Public Accounts Committee.More Button

Quite untrue.More Button

Was he an Irish national, or was he a national of the country where he died?More Button

He was married in France?More Button

Does the Minister want an answer to that inquiry?More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 46—Primary Education.

Did he apply for the pardon?More Button

What was the cause of the delay between 1932 and 1934 in the issuing forth of the pardon?More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 49—Science and Art.

Could the Minister give any indication of the nature of, the music which it is proposed to publish? Would he be good enough to tell us if the Department have consulted with any body of artists or rec...More Button

I have heard a great deal of criticism of that but, personally, I am not in a position to pass judgment on the Gúm. I feel sometimes that their activities are misdirected. I cannot imagine that any ...More Button

Oh!More Button

It is bad enough for him to say it, without your repeating it.More Button

I should like to ask the Minister a few questions: (1) Is he free to give us the personnel of the committee which is advising him as to the music which is to be published by the Department; and (2) ha...More Button

I think the Minister is entirely mistaken in trying to make these books cheap looking. I would like if he had them handsomely turned out and sold cheaply. The amount of subsidy that would be require...More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 52—Agriculture.

Is the Minister free at this juncture to say what type of stallion he has in mind?More Button

The Minister is not going to buy Clydesdales?More Button

It will be recouped out of that Vote?More Button

You have no Appropriation-in-Aid down for it?More Button

Was that the ruling price at the time?More Button

Ptomaine poisoning?More Button

What about O.10? You did not mention it.More Button

What is the meaning of that £1,000? How do the millers contribute?More Button

You had no statutory authority at all to make that levy.More Button

But surely you had not. You must have just blackmailed them into giving it to you.More Button

Are you able to tell us under what Act of Parliament you made that levy?More Button

That is the Appropriation-in-Aid which I was asking the Minister about?More Button

Is it not a fact that the butchers are not paying the levy?More Button

Did you not have to leave in the hands of the butchers the large sum of money which had accrued due when you abandoned the old scheme?More Button

Do you mean out of £185,000?More Button

This, at any rate, is a very interesting Estimate. The first part deals with the veterinary college on which the Minister would have been well advised to have expended much more than the few paltry p...More Button

Does the Minister believe that we are going to get a market from Germany for our butter with Denmark right beside her, comparable with the market which will be available to us in Great Britain?More Button

Because you are selling butter on the basis of an export subsidy. Are you getting more for butter in Germany than in Great Britain?More Button

And you have to ship it twice as far.More Button

Is there not a tariff on butter going into Great Britain?More Button

But is there a tariff on the butter going into Great Britain?More Button

We are paying that tariff on butter and we are giving a subsidy to the creameries to meet it.More Button

We are getting the same price in the German market that the Australians are getting for butter in the British market. Is or is it not true that in 1931 our butter had topped Australian butter in the ...More Button

On the average?More Button

Well, our top Irish was getting better than the Australian.More Button

Well, I cannot be following the Minister all around the place.More Button

My recollection is that our butter had attained or was steadily progressing to a point in which it was competing with the Danish butter, and that it did, on one occasion, actually pass the Danish but...More Button

I cannot say the exact time. Does the Deputy maintain that the Danish butter is better than Irish butter?More Button

Good. The Deputy is in agreement with me so far at any rate. Does the Deputy say we never got the same price in the British market for our butter as the Danish got?More Button

Will the Minister confirm my statement that it did once occur?More Button

The Minister knows perfectly well that it occurred. It was a red-letter day in the Department of Agriculture.More Button

Is it not true that it happened once?More Button

Well, it did happen once, and the fact is that we are now selling butter in the German market at the same price as they are getting for Australian butter in London. The truth is that we are selling b...More Button

No, certainly not. It has nothing to do with it—nothing whatever. I do not think even your own Minister would maintain that. Now, observe what we are doing. We are paying the land annuities to Germ...More Button

Heaven help us when Deputy Corry thinks he can advise me on points of order. I urge upon the Minister that if this German agreement is to be continued, an absolute sine qua non should be that the Ger...More Button

I do not think such a scheme as I suggest has ever been tried although I did mention it to the Parliamentary Secretary. I do not know whether he has investigated its possibilities. I know from my ow...More Button

I have delayed the House on a great many matters arising here, and I do not want to go at great length into the details of this sub-head. But what should happen is that if a man wants to breed a calf...More Button

You will find cranks and brain-cracked people everywhere, and I do not blame the Minister for having a number of agricultural advisers of this type in his Party, but he should not mind them. They are...More Button

We had the Minister for Agriculture straining at the leash to get into office to sweep out all those fellows. They said: “We will soon civilise them; we will be driving civil servants out of Merrion ...More Button

Not at all. Did the Minister hear any complaint from the millers about the quality of Irish wheat this year?More Button

Did the Minister hear that any flour was returned to any mill in Ireland on the ground that the quality was very bad, the mill's reply being “It is the best we can make with the wheat we are getting”?...More Button

Some men have discreet tongues, but others have discreet ears.More Button

I do not think that there can be any doubt this year that the Minister is learning the painful lesson we tried to teach him—that wheat in this country is a highly precarious crop. He is recommending ...More Button

I said that there were some pretty cracked people knocking about. Deputy Allen gives it as his considered judgment that the wheat grown in this country is superior in quality to Manitoba No. 1. Is t...More Button

Say no more, says the farmer.More Button

The Deputy's apprehension of order in this House apparently approximates to his understanding of agriculture. Both are extremely defective. I am prepared to leave Deputy Allen's pronunciamento as to...More Button

And we could thank God that the market was gone.More Button

I do not grow oranges, but I know the difference between a good orange and a bad one.More Button

You might be driven to growing them yet in this country before you are very much older.More Button

It was given, Deputy, to two fellows who consented not to start up. Is not that right?More Button

What is the Department's attitude with regard to the Clydesdale?More Button

Well, I am very sorry to hear it.More Button

Is it true to say that you are paying the annuities to Germany in the cattle?More Button

Have you tried Diamante?More Button

We only have “blue whiskers” and we have to eat the “blue whiskers.”More Button

Glasnevin Ard Righ seed is the best that was ever grown in this country.More Button

Before the Minister leaves that question, may I ask if his attention has been directed to the fact that a great deal of the temporary sterility of cattle is due to catarrh or vaginitis which is not c...More Button

That is true.More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Vote 54—Lands.

Only one sub-head of this Vote interests me and that is the sub-head in connection with improvements. I say perfectly frankly that I am appalled at the situation that is developing in connection with...More Button

I allege against the Minister now that, instead of distributing land for the primary purpose of carrying out a great social operation, land has been distributed in this country to create the public im...More Button

I am always prepared to admit that while I found that Fianna Fáil complained that it was Blue-shirts were getting the land, when the position was examined closely there was a pretty fair average assor...More Button

I do not know anything about our respective traditions.More Button

I do not think it would be desirable that we should start to compare our respective traditions. Let us confine ourselves to this question. I think the Minister is as good a judge and as good at his jo...More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

What? You cannot improve the land until it is divided?More Button

On a point of correction, if the Minister will refer to what I said he will find that the protest that I made in this House was against the growing practice of Fianna Fáil clubs announcing that they w...More Button

In Committee on Finance. Supplementary Estimates. - Adjournment—Operations of Pigs Marketing Board.

I asked the Minister for Agriculture to-day to requisition infor mation from the Pigs Board as to what they were doing with the money in the Hypothetical Price Fund. When we passed the Pigs and Bacon...More Button

Price?More Button

Because the scheme as propounded by you was to provide that the farmers would get back in the spring what was taken from them in the winter. Do you deny that?More Button

Deputy Haslett was on the committee, but, anyway, that was my impression of the scheme.More Button

Agreed.More Button

No. I agree up to the point of having the money in the hypothetical fund. My complaint is that when the money proceeds to flow out of the fund, instead of flowing to the farmers in summer, it is flo...More Button

But it is not going to the farmer. It is to compensate the curers for losses made in these months.More Button

Is it not true that the plan was that in the spring the Pigs Board, which fixes the price of all pigs, would fix a price, an indefensibly high price, for pigs?More Button

And then say to the curer: “Do not worry, because, although we are fixing this very high price, you will pay 75/-, but we will recoup you”?More Button

Not at all. They have handed it out to the curers. The money is gone.More Button

They have actually handed it out to the curers to compensate them for losses.More Button

What were the curers' profits before they got any rebate?More Button

But they could not take it into their profit and loss account.More Button

My objection is that this money is not being kept in hand until the price of pigs is raised to a prohibitive figure, and it was not raised last spring.More Button

Was not the object of the scheme that the Pigs Marketing Board would force money out to the pig producers through the curers by forcing the curers to pay an excessive price for pigs?More Button

They did not force them to pay an excessive price last spring.More Button

What did they pay?More Button

They paid something like 58/-, and they are paying 64/- now.More Button

They paid less than 60/- last year.More Button

They are paying 64/- now and the hypothetical price on top of it.More Button

I object to the money being given to the curers for a purpose other than that which was intended.More Button

And the curers made record profits last spring.More Button

I do not want to run away from it. It is a public scandal the way things are going on.More Button

I believe it to be both one and the other.More Button

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