McGuire, James Ivan

Friday, 19 February 1937

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 65 No. 5

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We heard from Deputy Rowlette, who represents Dublin University, a very extraordinary speech. I may say that extraordinary as that speech was, there is this much to be said about Deputy Rowlette that...More Button

Then I will not be responsible for the President not having time to reply. When he is replying I should like him to tell the House where Fianna Fáil really stands on this question, and what opinion t...More Button

I have not got the quotation here, but the President knows that it was used in the course of the debate.More Button

I suppose the views of the Fianna Fáil Party have changed since the 3rd of August. Is that the President's point?More Button

I will give the Deputy a full opportunity of making his points in a few moments. He will have the opportunity of making them in an orderly way, and of behaving himself. I would like to find out from ...More Button

I was in the House when the President said it. The President said that this was merely a war between two different “isms.”More Button

Well, I will say this: I may be wrong perhaps in putting in a comma or a semi-colon, but that in substance was the phrase which the President did use.More Button

I am reminded by the President's interruption of a point which the Vice-President made here a short time ago. I think you, Sir, will allow me to make this point by way of analogy. We on this side of...More Button

I repeat that the President, in substance, made the point here last night——More Button

Let me finish my sentence.More Button

I depend on my own hearing for having got the substance of it at least. I may not be right in the actual words I used, but the President made the point that the conflict at present going on in Spain ...More Button

Will the President tell us, Sir, when he is replying, what he considers the conflict in Spain to be?More Button

He will not repeat himself, of course. He will not tell us, when he is replying, what he considers the conflict that is going on in Spain really is.More Button

I am not going to make any prophecies about the President. I should be a very rash man to do that. If I were to prophecy that he would adhere to the proposition that two and two make four I would be ...More Button

The President is always speaking of the aspirations of the Irish people. We are always being told by the President—that is, of course, since 1926—that what the majority of the people want is somethin...More Button

It was so obvious.More Button

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