Davin, William

Thursday, 28 April 1938

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 71 No. 2

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What was the date of that speech?More Button

What was the date?More Button

That was after you were in London?More Button

Take him over.More Button

The fact that the Taoiseach has put his signature to this Agreement proves that he is a statesman with a considerable amount of courage. I state that deliberately because I have a very clear recollec...More Button

I say it is the first duty of the Government to provide food, clothing and shelter for the people of the country, and surely the Deputy will not disagree surely me when I say that that food and clothi...More Button

I hope that we shall have a clear indication now of a change of financial policy on that matter anyway. I sit in this House as a farmer's son. Everybody belonging to me is associated with farming an...More Button

I followed very closely and very attentively the rather weekkneed speech made by the Minister for Industry and Commerce. I thought he was going to get up and rake the Opposition Benches but instead h...More Button

It is a pity that they were not photographed.More Button

Fighting condition?More Button

What about top hats?More Button

Deputy Flinn is going to give it.More Button

Deputy Norton.More Button

He addressed that question to the Taoiseach.More Button

Or a token payment?More Button

Has Mr. Chamberlain authorised you to say that?More Button

I hope the consumers will not have to pay for it.More Button

It is true that the Labour Party tolerated that then under the circumstances.More Button

Correct Deputy Corry who is sitting behind you.More Button

From direct taxation and not indirectly.More Button

Does not the Minister know that he said we were robbing John Bull?More Button

What about the price of greyhounds?More Button

What will they talk about when the economic war is over?More Button

It is signed.More Button

What about greyhounds?More Button

That was not the reason.More Button

It must have been Wicklow gold——More Button

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