Corry, Martin John

Wednesday, 2 November 1938

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 73 No. 2

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Public Servants (Continuity of Service) Bill, 1938—Second Stage.

You paid for it.More Button

Private Deputies' Business. - The Agricultural Industry—Motion (Resumed).

I am rather surprised that this motion was brought on, because, judging by the arguments of Opposition Deputies for the past four or five years, everything was going to be all right when they got back...More Button

The personnel of the commission is apparently to include an agriculturist appointed by the Wholesale Agricultural Organisation Society. I would not have him.More Button

Neither would I have an agriculturist from the Royal Dublin Society. I do not think you could expect much from him.More Button

How, in the name of Heaven, could Deputy Hughes or Deputy McGovern agree to an “agriculturist” out of the Federation of Irish Industries? How, in the name of goodness, can these Deputies who are comp...More Button

That particular debate was.More Button

I am not reopening it. I am only alluding to the manner in which certain Deputies remained silent here while a load was being put on their backs and on the backs of the people about whose condition t...More Button

You can deal with that when your turn comes.More Button

I suggest that the position of the farming community is that these overhead burdens are too much for them to bear. There is no use in talking about cures for them here or there, while these overhead ...More Button

Columbcille went back 300 years but I do not want to go so far back as that. I am making what I consider an honest suggestion here, what I consider a proper suggestion, that we should get down to bed...More Button

Who was responsible for Article No. 10 of the Treaty? Who was responsible for the host of parasites that were sprung into the Civil Service from 1924 to 1931?More Button

Have a look at the Estimates and see the number of gentlemen who are paid £1,200 a year, who come in at ten in the morning and remain until four in the evening, with their golf sticks in the back of t...More Button

That has been the position here. There is no use in setting up a commission to inquire into the question of how to increase agricultural production. We all know how to increase it. Even Deputy Bras...More Button

And we have Deputy Curran agreeing to that.More Button

I am suggesting to the House one cure for all that.More Button

I suggest to Deputy Curran that he should get down to that cure that I have given. As far as pensions are concerned, I suppose if Deputy Curran had done anything to earn one he would have got it.More Button

If the Deputy had shaken himself up and had done something for his country, when the country wanted him, he would have a pension.More Button

Good boy. I suggest to Deputies opposite that they should tackle this question on the lines I have indicated. It is the only cure. Any other method will be merely feeding the dog with a piece of his...More Button

That is why they put him on.More Button

Is the Deputy inclined to qualify it? There are three members of the Dáil to go on the commission.More Button

That is one for “Dublin Opinion.”More Button

We all know.More Button

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