Ward, Dr. Francis Constantine

Wednesday, 30 November 1938

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 73 No. 8

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Committee on Finance. - Hospitals Bill—Money Resolution.

The cost will be practically nothing. There will be no exceptional cost in connection with this Bill. It is part of the ordinary machinery that goes with almost every Bill that passes through the Ho...More Button

No, I could not. Question agreed to. Money Resolution reported and agreed to.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Hospitals Bill, 1938—Committee Stage.

I move amendment No. 1:— To delete lines 14 to 18 in page 2. I might mention that amendments Nos. 1 and 2 are merely drafting amendments, a rearrangement of the original draft suggested by the parliam...More Button

I move amendment No. 2:— To delete paragraph (b), lines 33 to 36 in page 2, and substitute the following:— (b) that its governing body is not— (i) a department of State, or (ii) any one or more of ...More Button

It is news to me that there is any suspicion in the minds of the governing bodies of any of the voluntary hospitals that the machinery proposed to be set up in this Bill will be used for the purpose i...More Button

I cannot give any guarantee to the Deputy or to the House that in certain circumstances hospitals will not be invited to seek an establishment order. If it appears to the Minister and perhaps to the...More Button

No, no. The Deputy has given far too free a translation of my exposition of the position. I say that I will not give a guarantee that, under certain circumstances, they will not be invited to seek a...More Button

I do not recollect this question being raised on the Second Reading.More Button

I submit that I have a fairly good idea of what the Bill means. I do not think that is a fair suggestion. I am surprised at Deputy Cosgrave making it. It is rather a cheap remark coming from Deputy C...More Button

It ought to be the duty of any Deputy in this House taking an intelligent interest in the business of this House to take the trouble to study the Bill and then he would not have to ask so many innoce...More Button

If the Deputy feels he has scored with such a contribution he is welcome to it. Section 2 agreed to. Section 3 agreed to. SECTION 4. (1) Where the governing body of a voluntary hospital applies to th...More Button

I move amendment No. 3:— In sub-section (1), page 3, paragraph (d), line 44, to add after the word “body” the words “and to the local authority or local authorities of which the new governing body to ...More Button

You see it is going to be put into it now.More Button

I told you that I thought the point was covered by the Bill.More Button

I move amendment No. 4:— In sub-section (1), page 3, paragraph (e), line 46, to delete the word “and” and insert after the word “body” the words “and such local authority or local authorities”. This a...More Button

I move amendment No 5:— In sub-section (2), page 4, to insert after the word “order” in line 2 the words “and the local authority or local authorities of which the new governing body to be established...More Button

There is no ground for Deputy Brennan's apprehension in this regard either. The section provides for the amendment of establishment orders in due course but provides that the procedure in connection ...More Button

I can only say that I am satisfied that my reading of it is right. If it is not in a form that is understandable to the Deputy, I am afraid he must blame the draftsman, but that is the intention anywa...More Button

I quite agree.More Button

Does the Deputy ask me to say that I should give a guarantee to the House that an amendment would be introduced, whether I am satisfied that such an amendment is necessary or not?More Button

I have already assured the Deputy and the House that it is not necessary, but if the Deputy wishes me to examine the matter further, I shall have it examined.More Button

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