Dillon, James Matthew

Tuesday, 28 March 1939

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 75 No. 1

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Committal of Juveniles.

asked the Minister for Education whether he will review all cases of committal of juveniles to industrial schools under the School Attendance Act with a view to examining whether the best interests o...More Button

Arising out of the Minister's reply, is he aware that from the Dublin District Court the number of committals in 1934 was none; in 1935, approximately 16; in 1936, approximately 19; in 1937, approxima...More Button

Committee of Public Accounts Interim Report.

I move that the Interim Report of the Public Accounts Committee do lie upon the Table and be printed. Agreed and ordered accordingly.More Button

Vote 57—Industry and Commerce.

Before going into the general policy for which the Minister stands, I should like to ask him two or three categorical questions relating to the administration of his Department. I understood from the ...More Button

I am sure he did not say it—they never do; but it was carefully suggested, although it was never said. I am quite certain it would not be allowed to be said by you or your predecessor, but it was car...More Button

I do not believe in mentioning individual firms or names, but it is important to bring home to Deputies that the man who was supposed to dominate the last Government got more in excess profits in any ...More Button

The most fraudulent that was every drawn, and it was put over on the Minister.More Button

Can the Minister deny a syllable of what I have said? Can he deny one syllable of the story I have told? The Minister will get ample opportunity of answering me, and he is welcome. When he comes to...More Button

You are responsible for the condition in which we find ourselves as a result of your actions during the last year.More Button

I wonder is it a point of order or a point of interruption.More Button

I wonder did the Minister hope that I would forget something while the point of order was being discussed.More Button

The Deputy is not as, astute as his Minister.More Button

It has long been the practice of this House to create companies to take over the dying babies of the Minister for Industry and Commerce so that their obsequies can be conducted in decent seclusion, bu...More Button

I have found it after the Minister had angrily denied its truth in this House. But those are the facts and on those facts in this country we adverted to the fact that some lunatics in Europe discover...More Button

I am going to be serious in my attitude to the Minister's recent speech in public. I am prepared to accept what he said in public as true —as his real honest belief. If that is so, I want to underli...More Button

Not essential, but I think that ought to be our hope in regard to any of the major industries of the State: that its expansion will be progressive; and, that having met the needs of this country, its ...More Button

He may. What I want to warn Deputies of is this, that the maize meal millers have been to the Minister, or are on their way to him. They are going to represent to him that he ought to retain the sche...More Button

I never saw a boot that did not cover your ankle. It is a queer boot which would stop there. I am not now advocating policy or prophesying something. I am telling the Deputy what I know to be true,...More Button

The Minister knows the statistical end of it and I know the facts from the evidence of my eyes in rural Ireland. I see them wearing rubber boots.More Button

No, it is not the argument. I am saying that it is one of the results. If you drive the price to a certain height you induce people to look for a substitute, to the great injury of the article that y...More Button

Exactly. They had the home market, and when they were just scrambling into the foreign market they met this strange competition. They discovered that they would not be able to hold their footing in t...More Button

The mill does not want to produce it. There is no profit in it. But a tax was put on to get it produced here which constitutes a substantial burthen on every fellow who buys a shirt in rural Ireland...More Button

Does Deputy Moore mean how much would be saved annually to the agricultural community by exempting the raw material from a tariff?More Button

I think it would be hard to answer that. You have them ranging from a five-acre farmer to the 500-acre farmer. Not wishing to give the Deputy a short answer, I do not think the figure as to the savi...More Button

I know the current prices of the farmers' produce. Store cattle are selling at 45/- a cwt.; fat cattle at 40/- a cwt.; pigs at from 79/- down to 68/- a cwt.; and pigs are not paying because the cost ...More Button

In the first place, where would you strike an average between five acres and 500 acres and, in the second place, I admit that when we come down to details and establish what are the raw materials, bor...More Button

Yes, sir, if you are not the son of a plumber you cannot become a plumber; if you are not the son of a paper-bag wholesaler you cannot become a paper-bag wholesaler. I do not care whether a class cons...More Button

I will tell you. I am not going to make any vague or rambling assertions in this matter. I am fully aware of the extent to which we may be misrepresented in this matter, and I imagine it is that da...More Button

To the danger of the trend. In Great Britain the Trade Board machinery is of very limited application, and the trades unions in Great Britain have reacted against State interference and have said: “W...More Button

The Deputy will find it is true, and the net result of that has been that you have a fluctuating, supple, adjustable machinery for regulating wages rates and conditions in Great Britain. Here, what w...More Button

I am talking not about Trade Board conditions necessarily. I am talking about the general plan of, by legislation, regulating minimum wages, minimum hours and minimum holiday periods. I am fully awa...More Button

No. What is in my mind and what I want the Deputy to reflect on is this: If we are going to travel precisely the same road as France went under the Blum Government and concentrate our attention on th...More Button

That is the very danger. If you try to go too far you may create difficulties which will precipitate an emergency. The informed observer may say a moderate adjustment will remove the emergency, but ...More Button

If it is meaningless, the Deputy cannot understand plain English. Everybody interested in the industrial future of the country, understands the meaning of it fully. What is vitally essential here is...More Button

I said here recently that if the Lord Mayor of Cork would get up in this House and convince me of any movement which by any method, at any expense, involving any sacrifice, would provide eight hours' ...More Button

If the Lord Mayor of Cork will put up any proposal, one which will even involve the absorption of all my private property, which will secure for every unemployed man in this country permanent employm...More Button

If Deputy Norton takes rates of pay and conditions fixed for Irish industries which had to compete abroad a substantial consideration should be the decreased pay of workers in trades unions abroad. T...More Button

They are not going to do that.More Button

Agreed.More Button

Does the Deputy not agree that in industrial development as a source of employment it is imperative that the cost of production bears comparison with the price obtaining in Great Britain.More Button

Never mind agriculture. I am talking about industry.More Button

Is labour the only raw material of agriculture?More Button

Did the Deputy say “abnormal employment” or “abnormal unemployment”?More Button

The Deputy's view is that the flight from the land is not fast enough?More Button

What facts?More Button

In the name of God, what is the protection that is given to the egg and poultry business, except to wipe it out?More Button

I quite agree, but the Minister should give that advice to his supporter.More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

That is very true. The Deputy never spoke a truer word in his life.More Button

The Adjournment. - Committal of Juveniles to Industrial Schools.

To-day I asked the Minister for Education if he would exercise his statutory right to review the case of a child, a juvenile, committed to an institution under his care, with a view to determining whe...More Button

Sixteen, 19, 50 and 93. If there had never been any such dramatic rise, and we were simply confronted with the fact that 93 children had been taken from their parents and locked up in industrial schoo...More Button

I am a little at bay, Sir. What remedy have we if sentences are passed through the courts which appear to be entirely out of keeping with the spirit of the statute?More Button

Can we not suggest that the statute under which the sentence was imposed should be amended if it be used in the way it has been used in these courts? However, I quite see the underlying principle of ...More Button

I hope I am not. I will not pursue that, but I do not think that I have been criticising judicial decisions. I am not making any suggestion on the presiding justice's discretion in this matter, but ...More Button

Will the Minister read all my supplementary question, if he purports to read any of it?More Button

I never said any such thing, and the Minister knows that I never said any such thing.More Button

Not 105 children put into industrial schools for not going to school?More Button

Does the Minister tell me that 105 have been sent in for three years?More Button

105! Damnable!More Button

They will be raised again and again. The Dáil adjourned at 11 p.m. until Wednesday, 29th March, at 3 p.m.More Button

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