Dillon, James Matthew

Thursday, 1 June 1939

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 76 No. 4

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Bacon Consumers in Eire.

Will the investigation of the matters here referred to be completed before the Minister brings to the attention of the House the terms of the new Bacon Bill, and will the Bill be drafted in the light ...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Bacon Curers' Profits.

Is it proposed to do anything to recover those sums which the Prices Commission reported the bacon curers collected from the consumers of this country over and above a fair margin of profit, or are th...More Button

And are we to understand that the Minister proposes to do nothing to get back from the bacon curers that which they took improperly from the consumers, or any part of the hypothetical price fund which...More Button

Will the Minister require the bacon curers to produce to him their profit and loss accounts and their balance sheets for the years referred to in this question, so that he may determine whether any im...More Button

Will the Minister do this? Will he advise the Agricultural Commission, which is at present examining into the question of pig and bacon production, to call on the bacon curers to produce to them thei...More Button

Does the Minister not think that before the Agricultural Commission makes recommendations in regard to the matters referred to here, that the balance sheets and the profit and loss accounts of the cur...More Button

If the Minister were on the commission, would he ask to see those accounts—the balance sheets and the profit and loss accounts?More Button

Would you not like to see the accounts?More Button

Order of Business.

Is No. 1 being taken?More Button

I am sorry, Sir, I do not understand what the arrangement is. Are we taking No. 1?More Button

Offences against the State Bill, 1939—from the Seanad.

Agreed. Ordered accordingly.More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Vote 2.—Houses of the Oireachtas.

There are one or two minor items, Sir, in connection with the Oireachtas Vote, to which I should like to call attention. One is in regard to the Post Office facilities available to the members of th...More Button

I understand that it is not open on this Estimate to suggest that Sub-head J should be extended to provide a grant for the Irish Branch of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, but it may be right to take th...More Button

In Committee on Finance. - Local Authorities (Combined Purchasing) Bill, 1938—Fifth Stage.

Hear, hear!More Button

No reasonable man can controvert a word of what Deputy Corish has said. Anyone who knows the circumstances fully realises that what he alleges is the strict truth. There is nothing like an example to...More Button

I mentioned that there were two types of ring—one created by the wholesalers and one created by the manufacturers themselves. The object of this Bill is, I understand, to place local authorities, as ...More Button

I do not say it is the Minister's intention. I am trying to explain to the Minister what is going to happen. Perhaps, as Deputy Corish suggests, it might be better to say the “result” of the Bill. ...More Button

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