Corry, Martin John

Friday, 16 June 1939

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 76 No. 9

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Much longer.More Button

I have not seen any amendment put down to this Bill to abolish the Appeal Tribunal. If Deputies think that the Appeal Tribunal is serving no useful purpose, why did they not put down an amendment to ...More Button

From 1926 to 1929.More Button

The valuation put on the land by the Land Commission valuers.More Button

The price fixed by the Judicial Commissioner on appeal afterwards was five times higher than that fixed by the valuers.More Button

The suggestion that they were serving no useful function came from the Opposition. I am pointing out one useful function that they serve.More Button

If they go down to any farmer in the country he will tell you about it very quickly. What happens is that a bunch of Deputies come here with 50 or 60 amendments on one line or another. These amendme...More Button

Deputy Dillon on the previous amendment made an appeal to us.More Button

Then we will have it on the section.More Button

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