Norton, William

Tuesday, 24 June 1941

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 84 No. 1

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Newbridge Waterworks Employee.

asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health whether he received a proposal from the County Kildare Board of Health to increase the wages of Mr. P. Dempsey, who is employed at the Waterwo...More Button

Is the Parliamentary Secretary aware that this matter has been under consideration by the Department for three years; that I was promised constantly by the Department that an inspector would be sent d...More Button

The man has to work seven days week.More Button

That is not true. In-view of the unsatisfactory nature of the reply, I desire to give notice that I propose to raise this matter on the adjournment.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Department of Education Report.

Would the Minister consider laying a typescript copy of the report in the Library?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Co. Kildare Estates.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state whether the Land Commission propose to take steps to acquire the estate of the representatives of the late William Harrington, comprising over 200 acres, ...More Button

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state when the Land Commission propose to divide the Coleman Estate at Baltracey, Kilcock, and whether preference in the allocation of holdings will be given to...More Button

Has any decision been reached yet as to the allottees?More Button

Would the Minister say how many are migrants?More Button

Order of Business.

Would the Tánaiste say when it is hoped to take Item No. 4, and what time will he allotted for its discussion?More Button

Will there be any restriction on the time allowed?More Button

We have been trying to get particulars of the time that will be allowed, but have not succeeded so far.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Trade Union Bill, 1941—Money Resolution.

What will be done under this Money Resolution is about the only thing the Bill will do. It will provide jobs for three people and it is the only beneficial thing, one might say, that the Bill will do...More Button

The Money Resolution is the pivot on which the Bill works and are we not entitled to say at this stage that this money ought not to be provided to finance activities under a Bill which nobody wants, e...More Button

It we keep the Minister from petting the money for this worthless purpose, we might still do on this Stage what we tried to do on the Second Stage.More Button

No. Sir; I do not want to do that.More Button

I had no intention of travelling so far. I am suggesting to the Minister that this Bill is unwanted by anybody except himself.More Button

The House which you can machine and steam-roll. This side of the House opposed the Bill; the Fine Gael side opposed the Bill; and if the Minister took off the Whips, he could not get any people into ...More Button

That just shows the Minister's mentality in relation to the Bill. If the Minister could only hear the stories which his own Deputies who sit behind him told the trade unions, he would know perfectly ...More Button

I submit. Sir, while I do not want to develop the argument at any length, that I am entitled to put it to the Minister that at this stage, and in view of the widespread opposition to the Bill, and i...More Button

May not similar arguments apply here as applied in connection with the Valuation Bill, which has been on the Order Paper for about three years? The Minister said, in connection with that Bill, at the...More Button

Yes, Sir, I realise that, but I suggest that instead of dealing with this Bill we should be dealing with these issues. While these issues are being ignored, and while the interests of the people and...More Button

——because although you pass this Bill a thousand times, so far as I am concerned I shall do my left to recommend the trade unions of this country not to recognise it, if and when it should be passed, ...More Button

The Minister is very quiet this evening.More Button

What are the names of the three pals who will get these jobs? Can we have that information — and some indication of their salaries?More Button

Could we not have some Minister in the House who will talk?More Button

Could we not have some responsible Minister instead of the ornament we have at the moment?More Button

Can we have some explanation as to what we are going to spend the money on, and how much?More Button

Will you take another motion — that the Taoiseach be acquainted with the nature of the proceedings in the House, that it be intimated to him that his Minister has lost his voice and will not talk, and...More Button

On what grounds do you refuse?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Trade Union Bill, 1941—Committee.

No positive vote was recorded for Section 2.More Button

It does not matter whether you pass the Bill or not. Pass a dozen Bills like it, and nobody will take any notice of you or of them. There will be a different kind of division after this, if you are s...More Button

And he will not talk inside the House.More Button

Surely the Minister will let us drink tea?More Button

Deputies cannot now drink tea except with the permission of the Minister for Industry and Commerce.More Button

Have you not power to take a motion, Sir? You are not obliged to get the agreement of the Minister for Industry and Commerce.More Button

We are wasting the time of the House in any case with this Bill.More Button

The contrary is the case.More Button

It was not endorsed by a majority of the commission?More Button

And it was rejected by Congress subsequently.More Button

You know nothing about the thing at all.More Button

This is tyrannising them, not amalgamating them.More Button

I wrote that memorandum, and I know more about it than the Minister knows.More Button

This is not reorganisation; it is strangulation — and the Minister knows it well — to be done in the interests of the “boss” class in the country.More Button

On a point of order——More Button

That is just like the contemptible Minister for Industry and Commerce.More Button

What about the time you sent people to Moscow to get guns to use on Irishmen?More Button

You are specialist in misrepresentation, but it is the only thing in which you are a specialist.More Button

Go out on O'Connell Street and tell them that.More Button

Go up to the old ladies in Rathmines and tell them that story.More Button

Use the Moscow stuff on the old ladies in Pembroke.More Button

The Minister should give us even another bit of misrepresentation.More Button

And suppresses another memorandum with five signatures.More Button

That union will cease to exist if it does not pay £2,000.More Button

The Minister does not care what happens.More Button

What protection is given by the Conspiracy and Protection of property Act, 1875?More Button

How can an agricultural labourer get the protection of these Acts now?More Button

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