Dillon, James Matthew

Tuesday, 15 July 1941

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 84 No. 12

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Removal of Turf.

Will the Parliamentary Secretary be good enough to say whether any licence will be granted to any person in the Dublin area to bring turf, in any circumstances, from a turf producing area into the cit...More Button

Will it be done?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin County Borough Elections.

The Fianna Fáil Party are quite determined that these elections will not be held for the present.More Button

There was too much chattering of teeth at the Fianna Fáil Party meeting to discuss that.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Price of Tea.

asked the Minister for Supplies why, if he sanctioned an increase of 7d. per 2 cwt. bag for sugar owing to the small quantity of sugar available, and the increased cost of handling did he restrict th...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Coal Supply in Tourist and Turf-Producing Areas.

Is it to be understood that coal merchants in rural areas, whose customers have, to their certain knowledge, Aga, Esse, or A and B ranges, and no other means of cooking, may supply these customers wit...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Lamb Prices.

Is the Minister aware that at a recent fair in Mullingar the representatives of the dead lamb exporters met on a bridge outside the town, that they there combined amongst themselves that they would no...More Button

If the particulars of this case are furnished to the Minister, does he think any steps can be taken to deter persons from carrying on such activities and will he consider the desirability of withdrawi...More Button

Sugar (Prohibition of Import) Order, 1941—Motion of Approval.

This order operates to place under the exclusive control of the Sugar Company the import and distribution of sugar. I want to ask the Minister for Industry and Commerce if he thinks it reasonable, wh...More Button

Yes.More Button

The Ceann Comhairle might object if I made my remarks extend to any sugar. In any case, whatever sugar I am referring to, I can make the case that I should be allowed to bring in this foreign sugar i...More Button

I am raising it on this Sugar Order.More Button

It raises the question whether we want to give the Sugar Company a monopoly in the distribution of sugar, imported or home produced. If I can satisfy the House that the methods of distribution are uns...More Button

There is only one authority licensed in this country to manufacture sugar from beet, and that authority is Comhlucht Siuicre Eireann, Teoranta, but if at any time I fall out with Comhlucht Siuicre Eir...More Button

May I suggest to the Minister that there was an element of social amelioration in the location of these sugar factories? That, I suggest, is a ground on which application should be made for equal tre...More Button

Trade Union Bill, 1941—Report Stage (and Recommittal).

If you do not leave the discretion there, you would have 10,000 trade unions registered within the next fortnight.More Button

Deputy Davin has not the faintest notion of the meaning of this amendment.More Button

Is it not obvious that the Labour Party have not spotted what is behind the machinery of this appeal procedure? What the civil servants are trying to do is to present the trade union movement with a ...More Button

Yes. Deputy Davin must have been asleep or in his habitual state of torpor. I suggested that this Bill should be referred to a commission for honest discussion and intelligent investigation of the p...More Button

And the two trade unions' representatives go out through the window.More Button

At the chairman's option.More Button

No.More Button

To throw them both out of the window.More Button

I am not speaking in the spirit of an attack on this amendment, because I have no better one to propose. At the moment I do not think I could be expected to propose one without having an opportunity ...More Button

Wait a minute. It is the Minister who finally will determine the issue, and from that decision there is no appeal. The chairman of the trade union tribunal can, by his own act, secure to himself the...More Button

Cannot the Minister “sack” the chairman of the tribunal?More Button

What will happen if there are two unions catering for such workers?More Button

But suppose the two refused to accept him?More Button

Deputy Hickey's point is, I think, a valid one, but there is another side to the story. Does the Minister stand for the principle that a trade union, coming under this particular amendment, should ha...More Button

But is not that true?More Button

The Deputy says it is true. Let me pursue this. There are certain craft unions to which you cannot get admission unless your father was a member of it. I am putting it to the House that that is an ...More Button

Why? Is there anything odd to laugh at that 27 men should secure membership of a craft union on merit without regard to race, origin or whence they came?More Button

What amuses the Deputy?More Button

In my opinion, admission to apprenticeship should be made available to everybody. If the Deputy wants to become a barrister he can enrol at the King's Inns, and if he is such a dull boy that he can n...More Button

It will be his father's business to think of that. The father will know that unless the boy is clever enough, at the end of his apprenticeship, to pass the examination I have spoken of in order to q...More Button

No. Why should there not be an aristocracy founded on merit and open to any citizen of the State?More Button

What I complain of is, why should I be debarred from becoming a plumber because my father was not one? I think that what I complain of applies to other craft unions as well as to plumbers, but, as I ...More Button

Of course, these are the kinds of thorny problems that nobody wants to touch on for fear that the trade unions will all leap on their backs afterwards. I do not care two jots about the trade unions. ...More Button

No. Is it not true?More Button

I sympathise with that. I am grateful to Deputy Norton for being frank about the matter and I agree with him: I do not think it is for the purpose of blackmailing the individual but it is for the purp...More Button

Both of them are country boys, but since they have become city boys they have changed their tune.More Button

If they were as familiar as I am with the conditions they might not be so sympathetic with that prudent provision by the city branches of these labour organisations. Here again I say that is giving r...More Button

I am not arguing about a pound one way or the other. I know there was a fee which, Deputy Norton agrees with me, in certain cases was demanded, not for the purpose of getting money into trade union f...More Button

Deputy Hickey is not going to make me say anything rude to him because he is a man whose head is sometimes as soft as his heart and I sympathise with him. I am not going to quarrel with Deputy Hickey...More Button

What would be the Deputy's view with regard to fellows who learn the trade in a technical school?More Button

I would prefer that; leave the right to get a card, if cards become available, to open competition founded on merit.More Button

Not provided there is agreement as to what is a fair number of fellows to have in the trade.More Button

Before the Minister dwells further on this matter I want to impress upon him that while, of course, there is force in the case made by Deputy Norton and others, that there must be some proviso against...More Button

Agreed.More Button

I want to suggest to the Minister that the amount stipulated for in this amendment of his is excessive. I always identify in my mind the trade unions with the friendly societies. I remember when I wa...More Button

They would find it quite impossible.More Button

You would be surprised.More Button

What is the Deputy quoting from?More Button

Put a name to it— courage.More Button

Having described it you ought to name it.More Button

What is the journal?More Button

The Deputy is getting complimentary late at night. He must have had his tea.More Button

I think the Minister set out to try to achieve a very excellent purpose and that he sought to dispense with the present type of trade unions. I think he signally failed in that purpose, and now attemp...More Button

Of course. When we have a position in which we have the C.I.O. on one side and the A.O.F. on the other, two huge unions, the industrial gentleman to whom Deputy Davin referred will discover to his co...More Button

If the Chair would pay a little attention, it would realise that I have explained that, if these levies are made, the small unions will be swept away and will be driven into two great unions which wil...More Button

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