Davin, William

Thursday, 13 November 1941

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 85 No. 4

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Committee on Finance. - Vote 69—Office of the Minister for Supplies.

Will the Minister justify the price of turf?More Button

What are the Dublin merchants getting out of the 64/- per ton?More Button

Even in wet weather.More Button

Some of it came in at 35/-.More Button

The best turf came in at that price.More Button

What did it cost to get the best Clonsast turf into Dublin formerly?More Button

What was the cost?More Button

What was the cost of transporting it by rail to the North Wall dump?More Button

I am talking about Clonsast turf.More Button

Did the cost of the turf that came from Clonsast to Dublin at any time exceed £2 per ton?More Button

Did it exceed that?More Button

I will quote the figures if the Minister wants them. Would he know them?More Button

Would you take these figures for Clonsast turf—production on the bog at 22/6; cartage to Portarlington at 5/- a ton; transport over rail at 7/11? Make that up.More Button

You would deny it?More Button

What is that margin?More Button

If, in previous discussions, for stated reasons, the Minister was not able to give certain information is it not possible that he might now be able to give that information?More Button

On an Estimate carrying a higher personnel with increased expenditure.More Button

On sub-head E—Advertising and Publicity—I have come across a number of cases of complaint arising out of the refusal of the Department of Supplies to issue a permit for the allocation of some commodit...More Button

The Carlow Nationalist and the Leinster Leader circulate there. I am not concerned about a particular paper. Could the Minister say if any provincial paper with a circulation of 5,000 or over would b...More Button

The Minister may not be aware that in the country a particular family, no matter what particular creed they were associated with, is in the habit of buying the same paper for generations.More Button

Would the Minister consider the advisability of giving advertisements in existing circumstances to all newspapers with a certain circulation, or with a fixed minimum circulation?More Button

That is Socialism.More Button

£3 a ton.More Button

One of the ships never carried a ton of Irish wheat; it is not able to move out of port.More Button

He is fixing them himself.More Button

Is it a secret?More Button

What about an Emergency Powers Order?More Button

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