Mulcahy, Richard James

Thursday, 19 February 1942

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 85 No. 14

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Order of Business.

Would the Tánaiste say when it is proposed to take No. 78 Personal Injuries (Civilians) Compensation?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 61—Posts and Telegraphs.

Can the Minister say if the £20,000 to be expended on the conveyance of mails by air is expenditure for which we are entirely liable, or if there will be any offsetting repayment of any kind? Would t...More Button

The Minister makes provision for additional payments to sub-postmasters for provision of food vouchers. Can he say to what classes of persons the vouchers are distributed?More Button

It is news to me that sub-postmasters have anything to do with it. I understand now, from what is suggested here, that sub-postmasters are the persons who actually issue food vouchers to certain clas...More Button

I could understand it in the case of old age pensions and widows' and orphans' pensions, but could not understand the machinery of distributing them to persons in receipt of unemployment assistance, w...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 44—National Health Insurance.

Will the Parliamentary Secretary tell us what percentage of the total number of persons receiving payment from the Unified Society under the national health insurance scheme is receiving assistance un...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 77—Damage to Property (Neutrality) Compensation.

I am glad that some move is taking place in this matter. When I heard from the Minister that he is meeting the local authorities half-way——More Button

When he is meeting the local authorities to the very large extent of three-quarters of their bills, I hope that I will be able to persuade the Minister, in a certain number of urgent cases at any rate...More Button

We are hoping to improve the scale of compensation.More Button

I do not think that people can be blamed for the delay in submitting their claims. There was a good deal of confusion in connection with this matter and in many cases the claims were submitted to the ...More Button

I hope the Minister will see that that is a spirit which should not be allowed to dominate the Government attitude in dealing with matters of this kind.More Button

It is an awful thing to meet a person who claims for the loss of artificial teeth with the statement that he had his previous denture for five years.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 79—Repayments to Contingency Fund.

I should like to ask the Minister if the State is bearing the whole of the cost of the assistance given by the Dublin Corporation in connection with the fires in Belfast.More Button

The Germans may repay it. Vote put and agreed to.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 30—Agriculture.

It is very hard for people on small salaries with large families, and with Emergency Powers (No. 83) Order in operation, to eat much butter.More Button

If they would not limit the food vouchers to six children.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 63—Army.

In the beginning of last year when the commemoration of the 1916 rising was planned—in fact, I think, it was after it was carried out—I drew attention to the fact that there were aspects of the nation...More Button

I want to know what we are voting here for the Office of the Minister for the Co-ordination of Defensive Measures.More Button

There is no item below, Sir.More Button

It is given in a general way. It is not segregated. It deals with air-raid precautions.More Button

There is nothing to guide me here in this.More Button

Yes, Sir. I see.More Button

I am only now getting the assurance in reply to your query. I took it that this being an Army Estimate, the Minister was giving publicity to the nice public side of things and what was in accordance ...More Button

Then, Sir, if I had been in possession of that information I would not have troubled you or the Minister with the question. I will take another opportunity of raising it.More Button

How many pre-Truce medals are being struck?More Button

Yes.More Button

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