Dillon, James Matthew

Wednesday, 3 March 1943

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 89 No. 7

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Intoxicating Liquor Bill, 1942—From the Seanad.

Would anyone tell me what these amendments mean? Everybody is looking as if he understood them, but I do not believe that anybody in the House really knows what the amendments mean.More Button

We have an amendment proposed by the Seanad which the Minister has asked the House to accept. To that amendment an amendment has been moved by Deputy McGilligan, Deputy Cooney and Deputy Mrs. Redmond...More Button

And they will have to have another round. If the Seanad rejects our amendment will the Bill have to come back to us again? Perhaps the Minister at this stage would tell us what is the effect of Depu...More Button

Yes.More Button

Suppose the Dáil and the Seanad agree to Deputy McGilligan's amendment what will happen?More Button

Has the Minister intervened to say what is his view?More Button

Inasmuch as the assistants and the licensed traders and everybody else seem to want the hours of 1 to 3 and 5 to 7, why not give them to them? However ill-founded the assistants' belief may be that t...More Button

So far as I know there is only one argument put up in justification of the split hours, and that is that the Commissioner of the Gárdaí says that there are certain types of toper who will sit on the b...More Button

Seeds and Fertilisers Supply Bill, 1943—Second Stage.

There was not any manure available for the winter wheat sowing season.More Button

Was not the object of this scheme to enable the farmer to purchase his seeds through a local retail distributor, the county council paying the latter and the purchaser of the seeds paying back the cou...More Button

Do Deputies know what is happening in connection with this scheme? Having solemnly provided facilities of this character for the ready distribution of seed wheat, the Minister for Agriculture has int...More Button

Do Deputies not see what is happening? One Minister provides facilities for the distribution of seed while his colleague is making it utterly impossible for the seed to be distributed.More Button

Surely Dáil Eireann is not going to provide money for the purchase of seed that is not there? That is like Alice in Wonderland.More Button

I do not want to go into the administration of the Minister for Agriculture. The reason why there is no seed is, that when the retail distributor goes to the wholesale distributor he is informed by t...More Button

Not at all. What I suggest is that you should call in the Minister for Co-ordination of Defensive Measures and get him to coordinate yourselves.More Button

What would you suggest, Sir, that a Deputy should do when he sees solemnly performed in this House the farce of a scheme being provided to enable the small farmer to purchase seed wheat on convenient ...More Button

Would I not be well employed raising the matter of seed wheat on an Estimate taken for consideration in the month of May? It was not for nothing the Minister was born in Belfast and reared in Dublin.More Button

Of course, I have read it. All I am asking is that Deputies in this House insist that, if we here in Dáil Eireann provide facilities for the small farmer to purchase seed wheat, the wheat will not be ...More Button

Are they not true?More Button

Well, they are.More Button

I do not expect the Minister to know very much about his own Bill when it deals with seed wheat. I am trying to teach him. Does he seriously come into this House and say: “I sponsor a scheme for the ...More Button

I have not forced it home on the Minister yet.More Button

They are licensed.More Button

They can get seed wheat at 3/3 per stone f.o.r. Dublin, but the law requires them to sell it at 3/3 per stone ex-shop Ballaghaderreen. Somebody has to pay the carriage between Dublin and Ballaghaderr...More Button

Now, we are beginning to get the truth. Five minutes ago we were all shaking hands and saying that the Minister in bringing in this scheme had done a splendid day's work. Gradually we are beginning t...More Button

Then why are we all shaking hands?More Button

The Minister was blushing, the encomiums were falling so heavily upon his head. He was quite proud of his gesture to assist agriculture in this country. But slowly I have forced it home on the House...More Button

Does Deputy Allen know anybody who takes advantage of it?More Button

Who have got the seed?More Button

This year?More Button

Where?More Button

I now assert, and I challenge contradiction upon it, that the price of seed wheat f.o.r. Dublin is the same as the price of seed wheat distributed in stone blocks in the town of Roscommon.More Button

What centre can they get it from? What rehandlers are there in Roscommon?More Button

And cleaners?More Button

I know of no cleaners in Roscommon.More Button

In many places in the country to which small farmers go for supplies of seed, those facilities are not available. Where you have seed-cleaning machinery, this difficulty can be overcome, but in the a...More Button

——either of two things is happening. Either uncleaned seed is being sold as clean seed, to the great detriment of those who are buying it, or the persons who are distributing it are distributing it a...More Button

If they wish.More Button

They will sell now, but who is going to buy Wilhelmina wheat now?More Button

I agree.More Button

Over the whole country?More Button

That is not very exciting.More Button

In so far as this is designed to assist the subsistence farmer, surely the Minister would not be going outside the ambit of his authority if he were to make some inquiry as to whether these things wou...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Seeds and Fertilisers Supply Bill, 1943—Committee and Final Stages.

On the Report Stage, I should like to know from the Minister if he would say, briefly, in connection with Section 3, whether the powers he seeks, in regard to the validation of certain Orders, are co...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Local Government (Remission of Rates) Bill, 1943—Second Stage.

This is a Bill by reference and it is therefore quite incomprehensible to anybody but the Minister and his officers. However, the Minister has done his best to explain it to us. Might I give a concr...More Button

Then, am I correct in saying that the purpose of this Bill only is to secure that if he now, in 1943, builds a new wing to the house in respect of which he got a grant in 1938, no additional abatemen...More Button

Will the new wing be rated 100 per cent.?More Button

So that a situation would then arise in which he would have a residence on which he would pay no rates but an annexe thereto in respect of which he would pay full rates?More Button

Abated rates.More Button

Suppose a man in 1943 built a new house and got a grant under the Housing Acts, would he not get the usual abatement of rates for ten years?More Button

But if he builds an annexe to a new house, he will not get any remission. Is there any reason for that?More Button

I wonder if the Minister has considered a point which occurs to me. There may be no substance in it, but the Minister is familiar with the practice in rural Ireland of making over a house to young pe...More Button

Deputy Allen says that in these circumstances they never did get a remission of rates, but a great number of houses have been built all over the country in the last ten years in respect of which this...More Button

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