Esmonde, John Lymbrick

Tuesday, 21 March 1944

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 93 No. 1

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Conditions of Employment Bill, 1944—Committee.

I should like to support the amendment on the following grounds. Unfortunately I was in only for part of the discussion on the other amendment and for a time I was puzzled as to the necessity for it.More Button

The difficulty of the Minister is that these are all forms of industrial work. You are defining what industrial work is and then you say that the expression includes all forms of industrial work.More Button

I would have thought that the class of employee we were discussing just now, namely, a watchman, would automatically come under this section.More Button

Then you start the argument all over again as to what is industrial work. I think it is a question of looking into the original Section 3. I think everybody seems to be agreed that we should make it...More Button

I want to remove a misconception which may arise out of Deputy Larkin's remarks. Lawyers may be a non-incorporated trade union, but a trade union we are at all events. Perhaps Deputy Larkin is well ...More Button

When I first read the Bill I formed the same opinion in regard to the retrospective nature of this section as has been expressed by the mover of the amendment. I do not suppose there are many cases, i...More Button

That is a different point.More Button

I quite agree that no claims sent in now should be considered. I was concerned only with persons who had already taken proceedings.More Button

Does the wording of that sub-section cover them?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Business of Dáil.

Must we confine ourselves to the motions?More Button

It is quite impossible for an ordinary Deputy to know what the business is. He accidentally hears about it by reading, perhaps in the newspaper, what might be taken. I do not think it is the intentio...More Button

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