Norton, William

Thursday, 19 October 1944

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 95 No. 3

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Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Partition Negotiations.

You were not there?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Dublin County Council.

asked the Minister for Local Government and Public Health whether it is proposed at an early date to afford the people of County Dublin an opportunity of electing a county council to administer the lo...More Button

In view of the fact that this local authority has been suspended for a considerable time and that the members of it have no authority, will the Minister indicate when it is proposed to give the ratepa...More Button

Do I understand that it is intended to keep the commissioner there until legislation is introduced to deal with the matter?More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Widows' and Orphans' Pensions Acts.

Arising out of the Parliamentary Secretary's reply, I am sure he appreciates that a person who leaves his employment as a result of incapacity of a continuing character cannot be a contributor under t...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Provision of School Books.

asked the Minister for Education whether, in view of the increased cost of living and the difficulties experienced by parents in providing school books, he will arrange to provide school books free of...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Acquisition of Carlow Estate.

asked the Minister for Lands whether, in view of the keen local demand for land by uneconomic holders and landless men, the Land Commission propose to take early steps to acquire the lands at Boolyrat...More Button

Ceisteanna — Questions. Oral Answers. - Leix Estate.

asked the Minister for Lands if he will state whether the Land Commission have carried out any inspection of the Kilmaroney Estate at Athy, and whether, in view of the keen local demand for the acquis...More Button

Order of Business.

Is there any business for to-morrow?More Button

Suppose we get a good distance through the amendments is it intended to sit to-morrow?More Button

If we get through a substantial number of the amendments to the Drainage Bill and carry over a small residue, is it intended to sit to-morrow to dispose of them? Is there any other business apart fro...More Button

Then it is O.K. If we have only a small number of amendments over is it intended to sit to-morrow?More Button

Transport (No. 2) Bill, 1944 — Fifth Stage.

The terms of this Bill demonstrate in a very convincing way how far the present Minister for Industry and Commerce has travelled and how circuitous his route has been since he told the House in 1931 t...More Button

Why did you favour it in 1931?More Button

What is the percentage?More Button

Can you say what it was for beet, which is such a big item?More Button

Arterial Drainage Bill, 1944 — Committee (Resumed).

A vast difference.More Button

The right to agitate.More Button

As I understand Deputy Cogan's amendment, it differs very much from Deputy Hughes's amendment, and from the arguments in which Deputy Hughes clothed his amendment last night. I gathered from Deputy H...More Button

Will the Deputy look at the language he used with regard to his amendment?More Button

I am referring to the amendment which the Deputy moved last night and where he talked about taking the power to initiate schemes out of the hands of the local authorities. The difference between this ...More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary is too close to its activities to be able to measure the tempo of its progress but, looking at its activities objectively — and not offensively — a lot of us have some doub...More Button

And if the Parliamentary Secretary does not do that, the county council can write to the local Deputies and get them to ask the Parliamentary Secretary in the Dáil why he has not drained a certain riv...More Button

I am making the point that the local authority ought to have the right to kick up a row, but I do not want the county council to go asleep and, because it goes asleep, that there will be no drainage s...More Button

That is what I would imagine. If the Parliamentary Secretary meets the case made by Deputy Cogan by saying they can agitate from 1st January to 31st December, I think that is an answer; but if that i...More Button

It goes further than that.More Button

Not at all.More Button

This goes further than the right to appeal.More Button

I move amendment No. 9:— In sub-section (1) (b), line 30, after the word “papers” to insert the words “including the provincial papers circulating in the district to which such drainage scheme relates...More Button

But this is a very common form of amendment, and I am sure that if the Parliamentary Secretary will look up past legislation, he will find that this is a very common form of amendment.More Button

I do not see why the Parliamentary Secretary should object to saying that the scheme must be published in a paper circulating in the area concerned.More Button

Then why not accept the amendment? Why not ensure that that will be done?More Button

So far as the Parliamentary Secretary or his Department is concerned, they can look up Thom's Directory, and, if necessary, they can publish the scheme in every one of the 56 newspapers that are publi...More Button

May I point out to the Parliamentary Secretary that there have been similar amendments in connection with other Bills? As a matter of fact, I think that a similar amendment has been inserted in the T...More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary would appear to be a most reckless Parliamentary Secretary.More Button

Yes, Sir, on the understanding that we have the right to reintroduce the matter on Report.More Button

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