Bennett, George Cecil

Thursday, 9 November 1944

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 95 No. 6

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I desire to support the series of amendments dealing with these funds which were set aside for a specific purpose. The Government did not originally provide them. Therefore, I hold that they should ...More Button

The Parliamentary Secretary argued in reply to what we said that the State will proceed to reconstruct the embankments. None of us mentioned a word about reconstruction — I did not anyhow. I did not...More Button

With other Deputies, I appeal to the Parliamentary Secretary to withdraw this section. I think he might reasonably give way to us on this occasion. As Deputy Allen so well argued, it does not matter...More Button

I think this is a worse section than the other. With all the work the commissioners are going to have under this Bill—and goodness knows they will have a whole-time job if they are to do the draining...More Button

Quite serious.More Button

When I saw the original section, it rather confused me and I was inclined to move its rejection. I am still more or less of the same opinion. I felt the section was unnecessary and it might have made...More Button

A farmer will be affected if taken into court.More Button

In common law, you could take him into court.More Button

I would like the Minister to look into that case, as I am not satisfied with it. If a tenant has a right already to compel another tenant to do a certain thing, I do not think we should take that rig...More Button

That is all I want. I agree with the Parliamentary Secretary that advantage is not taken of the common law and that farmers are reluctant to proceed against one another in the courts. However, if th...More Button

On the Second Reading of the Bill I argued, in the case of a drainage scheme which was being carried out, that it could conceivably happen that a drain or a watercourse which needed repairs had been o...More Button

It will be referred to the arbitrator, of course.More Button

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