Mulcahy, Richard James

Wednesday, 11 July 1945

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 97 No. 20

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Dairying Industry.

Would the Minister say if it is intended to publish the report at once?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Kerry Gárda Office Transfer.

asked the Minister for Justice if he will state whether it is the intention to transfer the office of superintendent of the Gárda Síochána from Cahirciveen to Waterville; and, if so, if he will state...More Button

Do I understand that because the superintendent cannot find a house in Cahirciveen, the whole of his office and all the work connected with it is going to be transferred to Waterville?More Button

Are local interests in Cahirciveen to be put in the position that the facilities they had at that office, which was in their midst for decades past, are to be withdrawn, and that the office is to be t...More Button

It only means the transfer of the superintendent and the two clerks? Is the actual work of the district headquarters office to be left in Cahirciveen?More Button

Does the Minister understand that, as well as having the opinion of the Commissioner on the matter, there are local interests whose opinions should be consulted and, if the office has not already been...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 3.—Department of the Taoiseach (Resumed).

During the war?More Button

Did the Taoiseach say that agricultural products had increased in the last five years?More Button

Between what years?More Button

That is a scandalous statement.More Button

It is a scandalous statement to make with regard to a Deputy of Deputy McGilligan's responsibility.More Button

If we were all to give our opinions as intemperately as the Taoiseach has done, this would be a nice Assembly.More Button

I wish to protest against the statement made here that a responsible Deputy on the Front Bench, in making certain statements, was trying to cause all the damage he could.More Button

I hope it will dawn on the Government some day.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Emergency Powers (Continuance and Amendment) Bill, 1945—Committee.

Would the Ceann Comhairle say in what form separate decisions could be taken on amendments Nos. 2, 3 and 4?More Button

My point is that if the question put on Deputy Dillon's amendment No. 1 be “that the words proposed to be deleted, stand part of the Bill” there will be no opportunity of taking a separate decision on...More Button

I quite realise the position. We shall have to proceed as best we can, but in the debate I should like as much help as you can give me in segregating the idea of public safety or the preservation of ...More Button

I should like to address myself to the subject matter of amendment No. 2 in which reference is made to the public safety. I am concerned to know what elements there are in the present situation in re...More Button

It was in the original Act, in September, 1939, when you got it.More Button

What are the facts now?More Button

Section 2 (2) (p)?More Button

The Taoiseach probably realises that I could bandy irrelevancies with him just as well as he could do it himself, but that is not what I want to do. I resent being told I am fighting a rearguard acti...More Button

I have up to the present addressed myself only to amendment No. 2 in relation to public safety because, as I indicated, I wanted to make it perfectly clear, both for our information and to ease the pu...More Button

Before Deputy Dillon finishes, may I say that, on the assumption that the Taoiseach is going to accept my amendment, the Deputy allowed his imagination to wander through the recesses of my mind? On t...More Button

And will he tell us what are the things the Taoiseach is likely to say as reasons for refusing to accept my amendment?More Button

I am afraid that the purpose of the Chair in trying to save time, and the purpose that I had in putting down amendments Nos. 2, 3 and 4, have been very badly served by discussing them all together. I...More Button

May I ask, in relation to amendment No. 4 where I asked for the deletion to the reference to the maintenance of public order, what is the basis for requiring the continuance of emergency legislation, ...More Button

It is the width of the thing I object to.More Button

Do we require emergency powers for that, to-day?More Button

Surely the Taoiseach realises that it is the wide nature of the idea of public order on the one hand and the relationship between public order and public disorder on the other that makes me raise this...More Button

Well, what about transport?More Button

Are we going to have to live under an Act which completely abrogates our whole Constitution because we have to queue up for transport which is, I suppose, a bit scarcer than when we had not to queue u...More Button

If the three things I put down there were eliminated, the Government, no matter how much we might object to it, would still have full power under the Emergency Powers Acts to deal with all matters in ...More Button

I move amendment No. 6:— In sub-section (1), after paragraph (b), line 41, to insert a new paragraph as follows:— “(c) by the insertion in paragraph (j) after the word ‘persons’ where it twice occurs,...More Button

It does, but, in submitting the amendment, I submitted it subject to the weakness we all understand exists in that section and also subject to all the strength that the Taoiseach is insisting exists i...More Button

Do not oppose it.More Button

I take it that we will all be satisfied to have the amendment accepted, and if the Taoiseach, Deputy Dillon or Deputy Costello find any weakness in it they can put down an additional amendment on Repo...More Button

Whatever about Section 2 (2) of the original Act, and all we have said about it, if we leave it as it is there will be a statement, whatever it may turn out to be that the law courts will read that th...More Button

Let them use the other statute.More Button

No, Sir. I move amendment No. 7:— In sub-section (1), after paragraph (b), line 41, to insert a new paragraph as follows:— (c) by the insertion in paragraph (m) after the word “persons” of the words...More Button

I move amendment No. 8: In sub-section (1), after paragraph (b), line 41, to insert a new paragraph as follows:— (c) by the insertion in paragraph (o) after the word “persons” where it first occurs of...More Button

It is the same thing applying to the searching of persons in circumstances or by persons specified or indicated in such Emergency Order. That is, I think that the power to authorise or provide for th...More Button

Yes. Amendment No. 8 agreed to.More Button

I move amendment No. 9:— In sub-section (1), after paragraph (b), line 41, to insert a new paragraph as follows:— (c) by the deletion of paragraph (p).More Button

No, Sir. There may be something in what the Taoiseach says, that some of the Orders in existence actually do amend certain statutes, and I can understand that as far as certain aspects of the supply...More Button

Not necessarily.More Button

Yes, if amendments will be accepted up to lunch time to-morrow. The only amendment, from my point of view, likely to be put in would be one to insert in a positive way those things that were agreed t...More Button

It would convenience me very much if the Parliamentary draftsman would do it. What I intended to do was to put down an amendment inserting the new amendments, so that the Bill would read:— “Nothing i...More Button

It is understood, then, that the Government will put in these amendments.More Button

Then I will do so, in order to safeguard the particular position and if the Parliamentary draftsman, understanding my intention, thinks he had better put in his own draft, both amendments could appea...More Button

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