Mulcahy, Richard James

Thursday, 7 March 1946

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 99 No. 17

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Standard Spelling in Bunreacht.

In view of the fact that the Taoiseach said that the matter is in the hands of the translation staff, are we to understand that persons interested in the matter who wish to make formal representations...More Button

In view of the fact that the matter is now left to the translation staff—and there may be something to be said for that in the present circumstances——More Button

There is no use in protesting when the Taoiseach says so.More Button

Something is being attempted from the Taoiseach's point of view through the translation staff. In view of the fact that the staff are not generally accessible, and with a view to inviting people to m...More Button

Our nationalist skins must be very thin if we cannot stand publicity.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Children's and Juveniles' Clothing.

Does this arise out of control under an Emergency Powers Order?More Button

Question No. 7 relates to the high cost of clothing.More Button

Order of Business.

Are we going to sit to-morrow to take the Public Health Bill?More Button

Supplementary Estimate, 1945-46—Leave to Introduce.

When will we get the Book of Estimates?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 59—Unemployment Insurance and Unemployment Assistance.

The Minister, in his original Estimate, estimated that he would get from local authorities £233,600 as a contribution to the Unemployment Assistance Fund. He now expects a deficiency of £14,600.More Button

The Estimate has a note: anticipated deficiency on receipts from county boroughs, etc.More Button

So the Minister anticipates that he will get £14,600 less from local authorities this year, and, if I understood his remarks correctly, he suggested a reason for that — that the local authorities had ...More Button

It must have been an awful shock to the Minister——More Button

——when we consider how much behind time local authorities are in paying their own workers and in making other payments.More Button

That is, arrears which were expected to be held for a longer period.More Button

The increased amount being sought under sub-head G would suggest an increase in employment, while the amount in sub-head G (1) would suggest an increase in unemployment. Could the Minister say whether...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 63—Army (Resumed).

In the statement which the Minister made last night, in presenting this Estimate to the House, it was quite erroneous for him to suggest that the Estimate presented at the beginning of the year was ba...More Button

Before we pass from that, I think we should be told by the Minister whether the building of a decent barracks has any connection with a post-war defence policy.More Button

When we get the new Army Bill, I hope the Minister will.More Button

We expect the Minister to tell us what the post-emergency policy is.More Button

I should like to ask the Minister is it part of the Government's post-war policy that is being implemented by the building of new barracks and the acquiring of land for which money is being asked in t...More Button

In fairness to the Minister, may I say that I did not intend to oppose the Supplementary Estimate but if this Estimate is based on a post-war policy of an Army of 12,500 men, then I oppose this Supple...More Button

If as part of the Minister's policy he is building new barracks in Limerick or planning to build new barracks and that he is asking money for that purpose in this Supplementary Estimate as part of a ...More Button

He is only beginning. He has only let the cat out of the bag now.More Button

And the adventure they want is work.More Button

The Minister said that four months were lost between July and November, while plans were being made to deal with the enlistment of emergency men in the permanent forces. Can the Minister say what the...More Button

Was it one of the chief difficulties that causes us to be voting £1,000,000 now, that it took the Army four months to draw up some forms?More Button

The explanation is not very voluminous. Vote put and declared carried.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Defence Forces (Temporary provisions) Bill, 1946—Second Stage.

Give it to him.More Button

I thought it better to ask for a house. The Minister is introducing the Second Reading of the Defence Forces Bill. In November last, I put a question to the Minister for Defence. The answer gave th...More Button

The Deputy was grand until he was interfered with by the interruptions of Deputies opposite.More Button

The Minister is understanding the figures.More Button

Yes.More Button

I think the Minister will find that he is.More Button

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