Hughes, James

Thursday, 13 June 1946

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 101 No. 13

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Supplies and Services (Temporary Provisions) Bill, 1946—First Stage.

Are they long?More Button

It is a very short time if we only get them on Saturday.More Button

Industrial Relations Bill, 1946—First Stage.

It is understood we are taking it on Tuesday only by agreement?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 41—Local Government and Public Health (Resumed).

You are responsible for that?More Button

When did I say that?More Button

One would expect Minister of State to show some concern about the tradition of this House but if we were looking for that concern from the present Minister we would be grievously disappointed. We wer...More Button

One would have expected the Minister, anyway, to show a little discretion. The cloud over his Department at present is enough, without focusing attention on it.More Button

I withdraw the remark, but I think you will realise that it is the attitude of the Minister which provoked the remark. I know your concern for the dignity of the House and would expect a Minister, in...More Button

It was prepared by the Department, under the previous Administration, I admit, but I want to make it clear to the House—and the Minister knows it very well—that that omission was made there because th...More Button

The Deputy is here now and he will put the Minister in his place by exposing to the people outside the dishonest and dishonourable tactics of the Minister. If we are going to turn this institution in...More Button

What coloured shirt is the Minister wearing? I think the Minister wants to put the people of this country into a straight shirt. The sooner the country puts him into a straight shirt the better. Im...More Button

I do not know whether he has or not.More Button

It is a very funny thing if he has not. The housing problem is an urgent problem, and any help or assistance the Minister wants in that regard will be forthcoming from any side of the House, but ther...More Button

——shows that only 190,000 in this country have incomes over £3 per week. The vast majority of the people have incomes of £3 and under, so that, bearing that in mind, we can appreciate the necessity f...More Button

There is another little quotation from this very nice publication. It is on page 46:—More Button

Is it the Minister of the local authority that is building them?More Button

Is it the Minister or the local authority that is doing it?More Button

It is a pity we cannot get him down to Carlow.More Button

I am only helping the Deputy, by putting him on the right lines.More Button

The county creeping into the city.More Button

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