Davin, William

Tuesday, 9 July 1946

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 102 No. 3

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I have no interest in this particular matter. I was surprised to hear the lawyers' views, in view of the fact that such large numbers of barristers are only partially employed in the profession.More Button

Apart altogether from that, there is a recognised rule in the public service—and in my opinion it is a very good rule—that all public servants should retire at the age of 65. I do not see why any exce...More Button

Only the directors.More Button

In order to keep ourselves right, I would inform Deputy Coburn that I myself am not very keen on this business at all. As a matter of historical accuracy, he voted for a measure passed through this H...More Button

There is no such thing as an extension for a period of years. The extension is from year to year on the recommendation of the medical officer.More Button

I am not pressing my point. I do not claim to be as intelligent in matters of this kind as the lawyer Deputies, but I hope they will not press it to a division.More Button

He voted for sections of the Bill. He voted against the Second Reading, and we all know that. We had a general election on that.More Button

The education has been improved since.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Industrial Relations Bill, 1946—Committee.

I assume that when the Minister and his colleagues thought fit to bring in this measure they considered the right of every employee engaged in agriculture, industry or commerce to the protection whic...More Button

Yes, and I am not saying that the conditions are unfair or cannot be complied with. The framework of the Agricultural Wages Board is out of date. The selection of representatives of farmers and work...More Button

The agriculturists in the House would not agree with you in that.More Button

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