Mulcahy, Richard James

Wednesday, 11 June 1947

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 106 No. 13

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Health Bill, 1947 — Committee (Resumed).

This is a proposal to substitute a new section for a section that is in the Bill. I do not think there is any substantial difference in principle so far as the new section and the old section are con...More Button

There is the same idea of compulsion, and there is no change in principle where the section is put into operation. There is no difference in principle as between the new draft and the old section. I...More Button

I take it that, from the point of view of order, if amendment No. 14 is accepted and replaces Section 21 in the Bill, and that as soon as my amendment to the new Section 21 is disposed of, the new Sec...More Button

Then we are accepting amendment No. 14 for the purposes of drafting. I move amendment No. 15:— To delete all words after the word “exemption” in the third line of sub-section (5) and substitute there...More Button

Section 21, as it will now appear, provides that where medical inspection of school children— or children, perhaps, whether they are school children or not—is ordered, the parent shall submit the chil...More Button

I should like to clear Deputy Dillon's mind of the disturbing cloud of doubt that I am not fully awake to the responsibility on us to safeguard the principles enshrined in Articles 41 and 42 of the Co...More Button

If the Deputy were here last night he would have heard us discuss amendments Nos. 11 and 12. The intention of these amendments of mine was that it would not be possible for any health authority to tak...More Button

If I may intervene for the purpose of helping. When we have finished with amendments Nos. 15, 16 and 17 to the new Section 21, it is quite possible the general question that Deputy Dillon is raising ...More Button

On that point, I would like to mention that these amendments were withdrawn so as not to prejudice the matter.More Button

And it was indicated they would arise on a subsequent stage of the Bill.More Button

Does the Minister suggest that he is introducing a system here by which a child must be examined from time to time?More Button

Whether by the family doctor or by the official State medical officer?More Button

Are we to understand that parents must in future either submit to inspection of their children by a State-appointed medical officer or that they must pay for the examination twice a year of each of th...More Button

On amendment No. 15, the Minister has indicated that he would accept this amendment but the medical fraternity would not. From what has been said now on the general matter explored by this discussion,...More Button

Because, when the Minister states that the possibilities under these proposals are that children up to 16 years of age are likely to be examined twice a year by a State medical service and, if they ar...More Button

——the Minister suggests that perhaps we should not take his suggestion in that particular direction as a completely thought-out and decided proposal, but the very suggestion contained therein is such ...More Button

I move amendment No. 16:— To delete sub-section (6) of the proposed new Section 21 of amendment No. 14. I move this amendment for the purpose of discussion. Sub-section (6) of the new Section 21 says...More Button

The Minister must be aware that the compulsory School Attendance Act has failed constitutionally before the courts.More Button

There has been a decision of the Supreme Court.More Button

Oh, no.More Button

The whole principle of compulsory attendance at school has been declared to be contrary to the Constitution.More Button

The Minister would be well advised to look up the judgement again.More Button

Finance Bill, 1947—Report and Fifth Stages.

I move amendment No. 1:— In page 3, Section 2, lines 30 and 31, to delete the words “two hundred and sixty pounds” and substitute therefor the words “three hundred pounds”. The amendments I moved on C...More Button

I move amendment No. 2:— In page 3, Section 2, lines 32 and 33, to delete the words “one hundred and forty pounds” and substitute therefor the words “one hundred and eighty pounds”. The last amendment...More Button

Amendment No. 3 will deal with children's allowances. We have had so little response from the Minister that, even if we were on the right foot, I think the arguments might not have made much progress....More Button

I move amendment No. 3:— In page 3, before line 35, to insert a new section as follows:— Section 4 of the Finance Act, 1936, shall be construed and have effect as if the words “one hundred pounds” wer...More Button

£270,000. This will cost less.More Button

The original proposal was to have a relief of £120 per child. This is £100.More Button

Health Bill, 1947—Committee Stage (Resumed).

The Minister seems to be banking on the feeling that there is power to require compulsory attendance at school. He ought to look up the decision given by the Supreme Court when the last School Attend...More Button

I move amendment No. 17: To delete sub-section (8) of the proposed new Section 21 (amendment No. 14). Sub-section (8) says that an offence under this section may be prosecuted by the health authority ...More Button

On the section, Sir——More Button

Amendment No. 14 has already been passed.More Button

The position was that we accepted amendment No. 14 as replacing Section 21 and that I moved amendment No. 17 to delete sub-section (8) of the new section.More Button

The process is all the same.More Button

When No. 14 is put in to replace No. 21, will No. 14 be open for general discussion? If not, I want to speak on No. 14.More Button

To get us all out of the difficulty in which we are at the moment we will discuss amendment No. 14 as if we had not heard of it before and as if it was before us now as a section. The position now is...More Button

There is not a proposal to invade for personal health purposes the privacy of the life or of the person above 16 years of age but there is a proposal to make parents responsible for subjecting their c...More Button

The Minister will remember that, in reply to questions put last year, certain information was given with regard to particular diseases. Does the Minister intend classifying infectious diseases, or wi...More Button

I would like the Minister to give some explanation as to what the powers in this section are required for and the extent to which they are required.More Button

Does the Minister realise that if he brings an unfortunate person into court, charging him that he did not take reasonable precautions, that he did not take every reasonable precaution to prevent the ...More Button

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