Fahy, Frank

Wednesday, 25 June 1947

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 107 No. 2

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Order of Business.

1, 9 to 13, 14, 2, and then Fisheries.More Button

Great Southern Railways Company (Superannuation Scheme) Bill, 1947— First Stage.

When is it proposed to take the Second Stage?More Button

Presidential Establishment (Amendment) Bill, 1947—Second Stage (Resumed).

That has nothing to do with the Bill. It would be necessary to amend the Constitution, which cannot be done except by express Act for that purpose.More Button

Possibly, but not to-day.More Button

That is provided for in the Constitution.More Button

The Deputy is free to do that if he can bring in a Bill for the purpose of amending the Constitution. It is laid down in the Constitution that in no other manner may the Constitution be amended.More Button

The President?More Button

For whom there is no money asked here. The money is asked for the President's establishment.More Button

It is not for the Chair to answer the Deputy's question.More Button

The Constitution does not mention “they”. It mentions “a person”.More Button

The Deputy has said enough on that matter now.More Button

Apparently the Deputy is not familiar with an Article of the Constitution which states:— “The President shall not be answerable to either House of the Oireachtas or to any court for the exercise and p...More Button

The household of the President may not be discussed here.More Button

The household of the President may not be discussed.More Button

It would require an amendment of the Constitution.More Button

That has nothing to do with this Bill.More Button

The matter was explained, if the Deputy would listen.More Button

Oireachtas (Allowances to Members) (Amendment) Bill, 1947—Second Stage.

Is the Deputy addressing the Chair or Deputy Corry?More Button

I have no idea of its course yet.More Button

I will see.More Button

Is the Deputy now making a speech or a point of order?More Button

The occupant of the Chair must rule as he sees fit.More Button

Is the Deputy not repeating himself?More Button

Did the Deputy not say that before in this debate?More Button

As a matter of fact, the question of pensions does not arise.More Button

That is a matter of administration.More Button

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