Fahy, Frank

Thursday, 2 December 1948

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 113 No. 7

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Financial Arrangements.

Order!More Button

That is a completely separate question.More Button

It is a separate question. Question No. 8.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Minister for Justice's Statement.

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Order of Business.

I am not the judge of that.More Button

I cannot pronounce on that.More Button

The Chair has not said that it was in order.More Button

It is the duty of the Chair to defend outsiders here as much as possible. It should not have been made.More Button

It should not have been made.More Button

It does not arise, but I think that the Deputy should withdraw his remarks about the young lady who wrote the letter.More Button

If the Deputy does not want to withdraw his remark he need not, but I think he should.More Button

That is was political propaganda for the lady to write that letter.More Button

I leave the House to judge. I have no more to say on it now.More Button

I will not hear any more of this unruly debate. Deputy Lehane must try to control himself. He has been interrupting repeatedly.More Button

Defence Forces (Temporary Provisions) (No. 2) Bill, 1948—First Stage.

When will the Second Stage be taken?More Button

Nurses Registration Bill, 1948—Second Stage.

Does the Deputy wish to be recorded as dissenting?More Button

The Republic of Ireland Bill, 1948—Committee (Resumed).

The Deputy is now getting away from the amendment.More Button

The Deputy is again getting away from this amendment.More Button

That is for the Chair.More Button

The Deputy has been told that that is out of order. It is his third time repeating it. What was said on the Second Stage is not relevant and should not be introduced on this amendment.More Button

Without discussing what was said on the Second Stage.More Button

On the Committee Stage?More Button

It does not arise.More Button

That does not arise, either.More Button

In other words repeat all that was said on the Second Stage?More Button

That is not in order. The question is whether it should or should not be a national holiday. It would seem that the Deputy wants to originate a debate on the civil war.More Button

I am not prepared to hear the Deputy further, if he cannot get away from that.More Button

The Chair will rule on each speech separately, and will not give any pledges in advance.More Button

What has that to do with a national holiday?More Button

I called Deputy Cowan.More Button

There is an amendment before the House and the Deputy must address himself to it.More Button

The Deputy is not.More Button

I would like to hear Deputy Cowan on the amendment.More Button

The word “endeavour” is the operative word there. I will hear the Deputy now on the amendment.More Button

What has a foreign communiqué to do with this debate?More Button

And you are not the only Deputy who was limited.More Button

The Deputy need not make a speech about it Deputy Aiken has been informed that he will not be allowed to travel along the road of external affairs.More Button

Surely that is not a point of order.More Button

Deputy Aiken is purporting to answer a remark made by the Taoiseach on this amendment. He has gone rather far away from what the Taoiseach said.More Button

He is not entitled to say the Minister deliberately misled the House.More Button

It is not in order to accuse a Minister or a Deputy of deliberately misleading the House.More Button

It not out of order.More Button

Points of order can be deliberately disorderly.More Button

I had the same question of withdrawal earlier to-day and did not get much.More Button

The Deputy must be allowed to make his speech without interruption.More Button

The Deputy dealt with that yesterday.More Button

A thing may be false without being deliberate.More Button

I am not ruling on what anybody may do on any other subject. I will not be tied up in knots.More Button

I do not want to hear anything about the civil war.More Button

The Minister is now speaking and is entitled to speak without interruption.More Button

The Deputy is entitled to ask a question, but not to make a second speech.More Button

No. I am calling on the Taoiseach to conclude.More Button

I did not see anyone rise.More Button

Will Deputy Aiken allow him to speak?More Button

Order!More Button

Order!More Button

The interruptions from both sides of the House must cease. We are not discussing public meetings. We are discussing this Bill.More Button

Deputy O'Leary is not in the Chair.More Button

I do not want to hear anything more on that line.More Button

Lying in the cell has nothing to do with the Bill.More Button

I have told Deputy Aiken that he should not interrupt.More Button

I have told Deputy Aiken that he must not interrupt.More Button

The Deputy is giving a bad example of it.More Button

The Deputy has no obligation.More Button

The Deputy is entitled to give his views.More Button

The Deputy is entitled to make his own speech.More Button

So am I sorry.More Button

Deputy MacEntee has not spoken on this stage at all.More Button

That does not arise.More Button

That is not in the Bill. It was decided on an amendment yesterday.More Button

That matter was discussed yesterday on an amendment which was disposed of and, not being in the Bill, it does not arise now.More Button

On the Fifth Stage, discussion is confined to what is in the Bill, and that is not in it.More Button

Order, please.More Button

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