Ryan, James

Thursday, 23 June 1949

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 116 No. 8

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Committee on Finance. - Vote 66—Office of the Minister for Social Welfare.

The Minister, in giving a very full review of the activities of his Department for the year, did not give us perhaps as much information as we would like to have got on the last point he mentioned. H...More Button

How much was paid out?More Button

In addition to the 5/-paid in Dublin practically every old age pensioner got an extra 2/6.More Button

Everyone who made application for that extra 2/6 got it in the City of Dublin without any inquiry. Old age pensioners in the urban area were brought up by 5/- per week and by half-a-crown in the rural...More Button

Complete the picture. The way the Minister is going on it will be another 16 years before anything more is done. It is not true to say that nothing was done for 16 years.More Button

In the 1932 election part of the Fianna Fáil programme was the introduction of an Old Age Pensions Bill which had been defeated in this House by the Cumann na nGaedheal Government and its friends. Th...More Button

The Minister knows that in that period the amount contributed to social services from taxation went up from £4,000,000 to over £12,000,000 per year. When the Minister has increased his social service...More Button

It would be better to have it in before going on with the comprehensive scheme because it would be easier to start off from the new point then. The Minister mentioned some commissions which had been ...More Button

That is all right.More Button

Or this Administration.More Button

And I will oppose that.More Button

What is wrong with that?More Button

What difference does that make to the person concerned?More Button

But the allowance is the same.More Button

A notional improvement.More Button

The Deputy knows that it is a political libel. He makes it against a Party but if he made it against an individual he would have to withdraw it. It is a cowardly thing to do. It is untrue.More Button

What facts?More Button

Would the Deputy say that anybody on this side was responsible or will he withdraw the statement?More Button

It is a cowardly way of making a charge.More Button

Did the Maltese leave the work?More Button

Does the Deputy say that the present Government has increased old age pensions by £6,000,000?More Button

What taxation was put on for the Constellations?More Button

What was the tax put on for?More Button

What tax was put on for that?More Button

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