Lynch, John

Thursday, 23 June 1949

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 116 No. 8

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Committee on Finance. - Vote 66—Office of the Minister for Social Welfare.

Having listened to the last speaker one can hardly be accused of treating his remarks with a certain amount of suspicion when he refers to the conversion of Fianna Fáil to the idea of social services....More Button

The fact remains that the present Minister for Defence deprecated social services to such an extent that he wanted them reduced.More Button

I will give you a few more bottles of medicine. The Taoiseach, speaking at column 73 in Volume 106 said:— “The existence of social services is an indication of ill-health in the body politic.”More Button

“In any case,” he continued, “as has been said they are nothing more than a row of medicine bottles showing disease in the household.” That statement, in itself, was surprising enough, but when we com...More Button

Any more than the Deputy. Deputy McGilligan, the Minister for Finance, speaking at column 539 of Volume 105 said:— “To aim at getting more people dependent upon social services is bad. That trend sho...More Button

Deputy O'Higgins made the charge——More Button

Deputy O'Higgins met with no objection from the Chair when he said that the favouring of social services by the Fianna Fáil Party marked a change of heart.More Button

Am I not entitled to refute statements made by a Deputy as regards general policy?More Button

I was not here when Deputy O'Higgins made his speech but, if I am not mistaken, he referred to a statement made by the Taoiseach here when there was a motion on the means test in 1947. The statements...More Button

I shall make my own case. It is a well-known fact that before the last general election the Labour Party went all out in their promise to the people that they would abolish the means test. The Minis...More Button

I have not permission to give the information at the moment, but I shall get it and furnish it to the Minister as soon as possible. Another matter to which I would like to refer is the payment of ben...More Button

I am making my statement on the information supplied to me. I was also approached with reference to the same Act by unskilled workers. I think it is a matter really for their unions, but they mainta...More Button

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