MacEntee, Seán

Thursday, 6 July 1950

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 122 No. 5

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Judge's Statement.

Or the Minister for Agriculture.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Stone Window Sills.

Is the Minister prepared to give the same preference in regard to the employment of Irish workers, skilled technicians and foremen, as he indicated he is prepared to give in respect to the use of Iris...More Button

It is a very serious supplementary question because I am informed that no Irishman need apply for an administrative job there.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 38—Local Government (Resumed).

Continue.More Button

The Minister tacked on a statement about local authorities' works, obviously intending to bring them in.More Button

Those sites were marked.More Button

You were not there to do the work.More Button

Because you had a Fine Gael county council. They had to be thrown out.More Button

He always was a Blueshirt.More Button

To improve it, and we did improve it.More Button

He has no regard for the Constitution because he voted against it.More Button

It is time Deputy Cowan thought of that.More Button

It was conceived before you were born.More Button

He is leading his vanguard on the Howth main drainage.More Button

Deputy Byrne is thinking of himself as usual.More Button

Before the Minister concludes, may I ask what the position is with regard to the local government handbook?More Button

Thank you very much.More Button

Am I correct in understanding that you, Sir, have decided it would not be in order to submit Deputy Corry's motion?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Housing (Amendment) Bill, 1950—Second Stage.

I move the adjournment of the debate. Debate adjourned.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Housing (Amendment) Bill, 1950—Second Stage (Resumed).

The Housing Bill, which the Minister introduced this evening, is a modest measure, and I am sure the Minister himself would not describe is as more than a useful little Bill. It contains nothing spe...More Button

Deputy Dunne, when speaking on the Estimate for Local Government, was pleased to be censorious regarding the housing situation in County Dublin. When his present Fine Gael associates were last in pow...More Button

I was speaking of the period from 1924 to 1932. I heard Deputy Byrne interject a remark about the civil war. Was Deputy Byrne asleep during the period from 1939 to 1946 when there was a world war an...More Button

No hotels were built in 1946. If the Deputy would just bear with me while I outline what was done in relation to housing by the Government which the Deputy helped to displace.More Button

This Bill proposes to amend all the Housing Acts from 1890 to 1949.More Button

I want to show the progress which has been made in dealing with the problem with which this country was faced when it took over from 1922 to 1924. The problem, therefore, if we keep that figure of th...More Button

The late Deputy Belton was not a Fianna Fáil member.More Button

That was not until 1942 when you fellows put him in in the hope of saving yourselves and of making him a scape-goat for your maladministration. However, that is not in order.More Button

I was going on to say that the county council were not only dilatory in preparing schemes and availing of the generous provisions of the Housing Act of 1932, but they actually connived at a campaign t...More Button

Compare it with the 1932 Act, which was a Housing Act.More Button

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