MacEntee, Seán

Friday, 14 July 1950

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 122 No. 10

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May I call the attention of the Chair to the fact that time has been allocated in a certain way in this debate?More Button

On a point of order——More Button

Is this House to be allowed to degenerate into a beargarden?More Button

May I respectfully put it to you, Sir: did you hear the noise made when I rose to a point of order?More Button

You did not, Sir. I am sure if you had that you would have dealt with it. It was a most unseemly noise but one which one might associate with the persons who made it.More Button

On a point of order, you said that the administration of a Department cannot be dealt with on this Vote but only general policy. May I call to your attention a question which I put down on the 9th Ma...More Button

Threats come well from the spawn of the Black and Tans.More Button

The only time I was in a barracks was when I was under arrest.More Button

I am wondering how the time is going. Would it be in order to ask the Chair to give some indication to the House as to how the balance of time now remaining is to be divided as between the Government...More Button

“Inde”—what?More Button

The word should choke you.More Button

Have a sense of humour, Flanagan.More Button

And put to the House.More Button

We can take it before Tuesday if there is time.More Button

We are quite prepared to take it.More Button

Until I listened to Deputy Fagan to-day, it never occurred to me for a moment to think that he might be a member of the Comintern, and I do not think it yet.More Button

I have not said that. I will say that I have no doubts Deputy Fagan is not a communist because, after all, Deputy Fagan is a big landowner and grazier.More Button

I am replying to the speech which has just been made. I do not believe for a moment that Deputy Fagan is a member of the Comintern, as I have already said and as he himself denies. He is obviously p...More Button

No, Sir, and therefore his being an extensive landowner substantiates the belief which I have that he is not a member of the Comintern.More Button

I am coming to it now. The speech which Deputy Fagan has made is exactly the type of speech which the agents of the Comintern are making in every democratic State in that portion of Western Europe wh...More Button

I heard the Deputy a little while ago, I think, complaining that a member of the House was talking too loudly.More Button

Certainly not, and I am not suggesting that; but I should hate if my words only registered themselves in Deputy Fagan's recollection as “a voice”. I would prefer that the thoughts which I am endeavou...More Button

The matter to which I want to devote some further attention—other speakers have referred to it in the course of the debate—is the policy which the Government have pursued in relation to a projected na...More Button

Unfortunately, the Deputy is one of the people who make me most easily forget myself.More Button

It does not matter.More Button

We gave it no precedence; we took the matter as we found it, and when, having beaten the Blueshirts in 1935, some of us had time to devote attention to other matters, one of the first projects that we...More Button

Mark that date. Immediately the war was over, immediately it was possible for the artists and creators to devote themselves to the work we held the competition. The closing date of the competition was...More Button

Thank goodness that I have at least endeavoured to preserve the level of debate on this subject, no matter how my speech may develop later. That is the sort of memorial that we had envisaged. That i...More Button

I do not know whether that is intended——More Button

There would have appeared the name of Liam Mellowes, the name of Joe McKelvey, a townsman of my own, of Dick Barrett, and other names of men less known but their equal in courage and devotion to the r...More Button

If they are worthy to take their place. I do not know who they are. If they are worthy to take their place with the names of those to whom I have referred, I hope they will go on it, but they must b...More Button

I do not wish to create any bitterness, but there have been in this House suggestions that we are endeavouring to make political propaganda out of this. Would people who have been so intimately assoc...More Button

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