McQuillan, John

Wednesday, 30 April 1952

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 131 No. 5

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Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 11—General (Resumed).

Where is the money to come from for the capital development?More Button

Surely there are no thugs in County Galway.More Button

On a point of order. I want to register a protest as an Independent Deputy. I understood there was to be an equal opportunity given to all Parties. I have sat here since the debate opened to-day and...More Button

I do not intend to be as long-winded as many of the speakers on both sides this evening. I have sat here since the debate started this evening, and having listened to a repetition by each speaker of ...More Button

This, I submit, is all relevant because I maintain——More Button

The Central Bank is relevant. The actions of the inter-Party Government and the present Government are, I maintain, relevant in this debate.More Button

In reference to what has been said in the Budget debate by the leader of a defunct Party in this House——More Button

It has been said by many Deputies that the directors of the Central Bank and the structure of the Central Bank are such that the best possible work is not being done in the national interest. I have ...More Button

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