Cowan, Peadar

Thursday, 26 February 1953

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 136 No. 12

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Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital Bill, 1953— Report of Joint Committee on Standing Orders.

The Joint Committee on Standing Orders report that in the case of the application for leave to introduce the Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital Bill, 1953, they recommend that Standing Order No. 6 ought to be...More Button

I move:— That Standing Order No. 6 be dispensed with, on condition that the prescribed notice shall be published on or before the 31st day of March, 1953, once in each of two successive weeks with an ...More Button

Fisheries (Consolidation) Bill, 1952— Referred to Standing Joint Committee on Consolidation Bill.

It is a Standing Order.More Button

A Committee of the House.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Health Bill, 1952—Second Stage.

Hear, hear!More Button

He dumbfounded them on the other side of the House.More Button

In other words, we will get the best Health Bill we can.More Button

He just ran away. That is all. Question —“That the Bill be now read a Second Time”— put and declared carried. Committee Stage ordered for Wednesday, 18th March, 1953.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 67 — Health.

It has been explained fully.More Button

I am quite happy.More Button

We are all in a good spirit this evening.More Button

You cannot be kept quiet one day and speak your mind the next.More Button

You were in very good frame of mind a couple of minutes ago.More Button

They say that memory is the only friend that grief can call its own.More Button

On a point of order, is it in order for a Deputy to threaten another Deputy inside the precincts of the House? That is a serious threat, to take the laugh off my face.More Button

On a point of order, is it not right and within your knowledge that Deputy O'Higgins and his Party were flattened to-night by Deputy Larkin's speech and that Deputy MacBride ran out of the House as a ...More Button

He was a very important man on the morning of the day the Government was changed.More Button

A horse!More Button

We enjoyed the Deputy's discomfiture.More Button

The Bill was passed practically unanimously a few minutes ago.More Button

The Bill was accepted by the House almost unanimously. It was not discussed.More Button

I seem to be more important than the Deputies would suggest.More Button

Why did you do this, Deputy Morrissey?More Button

He stirred it up?More Button

Could the Minister say if this requires psychopathic treatment?More Button

Would a good scheme not be worth 2/- or 3/-?More Button

One shilling and sixpence on the local authority and 1/6 on the central Government.More Button

There is no motion to refer this Estimate back.More Button

On a point of order, is the Deputy entitled, on a motion such as this, to endeavour to repair the shocking rift that occurred in the inter-Party lute this evening?More Button

He is trying to build a new dyke.More Button

Deputy MacBride could not make up his mind whether he should be on your side or on Deputy Larkin's side.More Button

This contribution was conceived in sin, if I may say so.More Button

We can afford to laugh and enjoy ourselves.More Button

The Government were to be beaten on the Health Bill? Did you know that?More Button

Surely the Bill is not under discussion?More Button

And if he discusses the Bill, Deputy MacBride might run away again.More Button

What does that prove? It proves that more maternity beds are needed.More Button

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