Hickey, James

Friday, 1 May 1953

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 138 No. 9

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He approved of it?More Button

No. Deputy would advocate the pilfering of public money. I do not care on what side of the House he is; no Deputy would advocate that and I will not take that from any Deputy no matter on what side o...More Button

He is advocating that they should be given a proper wage so that they will not be open to temptation.More Button

That is a grand contribution to the debate.More Button

I wonder will we ever get away from personalities?More Button

I require a lot of patience to listen to you.More Button

For mercy's sake leave me out of it.More Button

It is a most disgusting and unworthy practice for anybody to waste the time of the House and the time of the Minister by using this or any other Estimate for the purpose of attacking political opponen...More Button

Hear, hear! But I know where they are coming from.More Button

It was wrong to waste the time of the House in that fashion. I would be very sorry to cause any reflection on the Chair——More Button

And waste the time of the House?More Button

I will be very brief and I do not intend to complain about any of the extra charges the Minister has imposed. However, I did fail to find any reference in his speech to money in the Post Office Savi...More Button

I take it he is responsible for the money.More Button

We paid £89,000 last year for interest on money used in the development of our telephone services. I find that we have £35,972,430 of the people's savings in the Post Office. Of that amount, £5,954,0...More Button

Is the transferring of these bonds to wherever they are sent after being in the Post Office not the Minister's responsibility?More Button

I bow to the ruling of the Chair. I shall probably have an opportunity of referring to it on some other occasion. It is a very pleasant thing to hear all the praise given by various Deputies to Post...More Button

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