McMenamin, Daniel

Friday, 1 May 1953

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 138 No. 9

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The increases announced by the Minister yesterday gave me the greatest shock that I have got for some time. For some years, I have been indicating to this Department that its policy should be to ext...More Button

No. It is a present to the public. Each person who owns a telephone is going to get a cheque by way of a present, and so is every businessman on every letter he writes. This is being done at a time ...More Button

There is no escape from the Minister. This is a capital blunder, and I regret it. This is one service which I hoped would be increased, thereby bringing increased revenue which would reduce the over...More Button

All right. The Minister has tried his hand and we will see which of us will be vindicated. I have no doubt in the world that this is a serious blunder which will handicap the development and extensi...More Button

Yes. Could you not do it the other way? Cannot messages be sent by telephone to the local post offices and then be sent out? The Minister is running the two systems alongside each other.More Button

It is like the transport company running a railway, and on the road 20 yards away running a bus service.More Button

I motored from Donegal on Wednesday and there was a train going to Sligo, while 20 yards away there was a bus going to Sligo. Surely there is nothing but bankruptcy facing that type of business? Is t...More Button

The Minister will have an opportunity to reply. What I am saying is absolutely honest and bona fide and it is not in a carping spirit that I address him. I look upon this as a disaster for the count...More Button

I am going to be lectured in the organisation of a commercial Department by a man who knows nothing about it.More Button

No interruption will prevent me from saying my say. The Parliamentary Secretary should not be disturbed in the least. Never was anything said more bona fide and more honestly. I say in no carping sp...More Button

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