Rooney, Eamonn

Friday, 29 May 1953

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 139 No. 3

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I was very surprised to hear from the last speaker the veiled suggestion that we may forget about the abolition of Partition by negotiation or agreement and that we should take the attitude that the o...More Button

I should have to put down a question to get that information——More Button

——because the Minister did not give it to us. I am sure he is in a position to give it.More Button

We remember that a few years ago Deputy Major de Valera and others, when the Korean war flared up, exposed here very vital information concerning Army equipment, the type of equipment and ammunition w...More Button

It is 2,000 a week at the moment, 100,000 a year—a very big difference. The Minister can go down to Rosslare or to Westland Row any night and see the boat loads of people leaving the country.More Button

And the North Wall. When he sees these fine young people leaving from these places, he will realise the damage done to this country by his Government.More Button

We have a position now in which we have an Army which must be regarded as unwieldy in relation to the size of the country, our population and our resources. If these were all professionals, it would ...More Button

It is my policy for the moment and statements have been made in relation to this matter on previous occasions. We consider that that is the time to train the young men——More Button

The people knew what our policy was. We did not find then 1,400 men of the First Line Reserve emigrating in the space of 12 months. That is what has happened during the past 12 months. I know that D...More Button

I would advise Deputy Cogan to read the debates if he is interested.More Button

Roosevelt was not there that time.More Button

Yes.More Button

Yes, and it was repeated.More Button

This is not an untruth.More Button

This is a fact.More Button

As I say, I am only giving——More Button

I have even gone further to say that it was an expression of the opinion that could be got from the man-in-the-street.More Button

That is correct. We could have in this country a very great number of physically fit persons who could be trained in military matters. They could be trained, as they are at the moment, through the F...More Button

I say it. First of all, I consider that there are not enough officers in relation to the number of personnel in the Army.More Button

The Minister said that. We were in a position where, proportionately speaking, we had a very high number of professional military men in the Army when we had approximately 7,500 men. We hope in the f...More Button

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