O'Leary, John

Wednesday, 23 June 1954

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 146 No. 2

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Flour Milling Industry.

Does the Deputy agree we should take it over?More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 60—Office of the Minister for Social Welfare.

You said 21/6 was enough.More Button

It is amusing, when one comes here after a general election, to hear the ex-Minister for Social Welfare and for Health tell us what should be done. Notice taken that 20 Deputies were not present; Hous...More Button

As I was saying, were it not that there was a change of Government, thousands of unemployed men would have had their assistance cut off. The new Minister for Social Welfare restored it on the 6th Jun...More Button

Quite so.More Button

The Fianna Fáil Deputies raised this matter first. It is only right that I should answer them. It will generally be agreed that the country welcomes the change of Government. We look to a future for ...More Button

We will, if we can get the money that you gave for him.More Button

I realise that it must be very difficult for Deputy Dr. Ryan to be in opposition now after having been in office for 20 years. However, for the sake of our people, I think Fianna Fáil should do their...More Button

I am answering some of the statements which were made by members of the Opposition.More Button

If it is an offence that one should speak one's mind in this House and tell the Opposition what one thinks of them——More Button

I want to emphasise that it is hypocrisy on the part of Deputy Dr. Ryan to attack a Minister who has been in office only a few weeks. In my view, it is unfair and unjust.More Button

Deputy Dr. Ryan was in office for 20 years and he did nothing.More Button

That is more of it. Is that in order?More Button

Because Fianna Fáil created unemployment. They had to do something.More Button

1/6.More Button

And you were against it?More Button

You were against it.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Finance Bill, 1954—Second Stage.

Why did not you reduce them?More Button

Tell us what you said yourself.More Button

What did you say yourself?More Button

He reduced the price of butter anyhow.More Button

I was ruled out earlier.More Button

You said that C.I.E. would balance the Budget.More Button

It put you over there on the Opposition Benches.More Button

You are taking your defeat badly.More Button

You imposed those taxes.More Button

Do you object to that?More Button

You were in office for 20 years——More Button

Hear, hear! The Deputy will not vote against it.More Button

You gave us the Standstill Order.More Button

What about your own speech?More Button

The straight road——More Button

Do you want it done in a fortnight?More Button

You put on the hardship.More Button

Are you going to talk it out?More Button

Is it in order for the ex-Minister for Lands to read his speech?More Button

You are reading the speech since you started. Delaying tactics again.More Button

Four Independents kept you in office.More Button

Hear, hear!More Button

You stopped all that.More Button

It was the Yanks who were doing that and not the Irish.More Button

Not a bad start.More Button

There would be no hope if you had remained in office.More Button

Build houses for the people, not Dublin Castle.More Button

Twenty thousand people need houses.More Button

And you said it could not be done—even in regard to butter.More Button

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