MacEoin, General Seán

Tuesday, 17 May 1955

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 150 No. 11

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - F.C.A.—Party Politics.

I am not aware that the statement was made. Like the Deputy, I am most anxious that the Army and all its components should be kept out of Party politics and, had I noticed the statement alleged to ha...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Financial Resolution No. 5—General (Resumed).

The Leader of the Opposition has all the staying powers of the past and he is still capable of saying all the things that he would like to say and to put his own construction upon them. I am sorry th...More Button

It is a great date —February, 1932.More Button

Oh, boys, but you did shake us.More Button

I will keep it and I would like the Leader of the Opposition to see it to remind him, if I put it into his hand or read it to him.More Button

It is a great thing to remind an old war-horse like myself of that. I am delighted the Deputy has mentioned that I was on the side of the British then, as I want to tell a story that was told to me, ...More Button

You have reminded me of the story and you are going to get it, whether you like it or not, with the permission of the Chair, although I know the Chair does not want to hear the story.More Button

It is very relevant and I am not going to be put off it. For an hour and a half we listened to an attack about promises and to two great words, “charlatans” and “mountebanks”—political charlatans and ...More Button

This fellow said: “You backed the British; then the economic war came and they blamed you for that and said that the reason they were not able to end Partition was that they were up to their heart in...More Button

I would like to teach the young Deputy some of the facts that have been misleading him all his life. He continues to preach the doctrine that all the patriotism, all the republicanism, every good qua...More Button

When the Leader of the Opposition talks of mountebanks and charlatans, I feel that I should be allowed to comment and when a youngster like the Deputy opposite gets up to preach something, it is no ha...More Button

You will have to do a long penance in the wilderness if you believe that, and if you do not feel sorry for the conduct of your leaders at the time, which so misled the Irish people. This is a good Bud...More Button

Provided, of course, that I live.More Button

Perhaps I was in that hole myself.More Button

In what column is that?More Button

Or threats.More Button

Why did you not tell that to Deputy Smith?More Button

Therefore, they did not vote for us and therefore they were not codded.More Button

You have told the whole story.More Button

I would double my vote.More Button

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