Childers, Erskine Hamilton

Thursday, 3 July 1958

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 169 No. 9

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Committee on Finance. - Vote 48—Fisheries (Resumed).

I dealt last night very briefly with the suggestion made by Deputy Dillon that plans for the expansion of our fishery industry might obliterate the employment or livelihood of some 1,600 permanently e...More Button

I would not be able to answer that straight away. It would be very difficult to answer it off the reel.More Button

I understand the fish is bought by Bord Iascaigh Mhara and put into quick-freeze until an opportunity offers to sell it at a time of extreme scarcity, and some is taken for the export market. I do no...More Button

It would be impossible for me to give such figures off the reel at the moment. Another good feature has been the procuring of the Icelandic fisherman who has very great knowledge of modern fishing me...More Button

No, he said if they came, they would be steam trawlers. They do not build steam trawlers now but diesel trawlers. I should like to give some idea of what a well-trained skipper and crew working for a...More Button

There was a sort of cynical indifference shown to these three trawlers during the period of the Coalition Government when a proper investigation should have been made into the uses which they could se...More Button

I can refer to a much larger sum of money lost during the Coalition period of Government when they sold the Constellations, if there is to be any reference to the comparatively minor loss on three tra...More Button

Deputy Dr. Esmonde referred to Kilmore Harbour. Kilmore has been inspected by the harbour consultants. He made a suggestion, I think, that we might adopt the use of second-hand boats. We find that a...More Button

There are retailers in Navan who are even purchasing fish daily from the Dublin wholesale markets. I agree with the Deputy that we need to make further extensions. Deputy Moloney referred to some dif...More Button

I should always be delighted if Deputies of any Parties came to these public meetings.More Button

I leave it to the association to issue the invitation. Sometimes they notify county councillors. At other times, they feel the nature of the meeting will be such that the county councillors need not ...More Button

We have very few applications from that area, and, as the Deputy knows, most of the harbours in the Mayo district are not suitable for the large boats. I am doing all I can to listen to representatio...More Button

Deputy Coogan also asked for more protection for the oyster beds. He seems to have forgotten that in the new Fisheries Act, which is about to be signed by the President, arrangements have been made f...More Button

Except that there were more records broken there yesterday.More Button

I thought the Deputy was referring to the angling championships.More Button

No, the officials refuse to commit themselves, except to speak of a limited success. It may be very difficult to restore the oyster beds. At one time oysters were a penny each and were the poor man...More Button

I am afraid the Deputy will have to put a question down about it. I would be unable to deal with it at this stage.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 46—Lands.

I move:— That a sum not exceeding £1,147,410 be granted to complete the sum necessary to defray the Charge which will come in course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1959, f...More Button

The Deputy misunderstood me. If he reads it carefully, he will see that we continued to acquire but reduced the rate of purchase in areas where there was a great number of arrears.More Button

Not that sort of people. Only in a limited way, where it is reasonable, and not in the rearrangement. I do not think it could be done in the rearrangement.More Button

The Deputy is citing a very exceptional case. Has he seen the good holdings in Kildare? There are some very well run holdings in Kildare.More Button

The cash is very limited, as the Deputy knows—only £25,000 a year compared with £500,000 land bonds.More Button

The Deputy is making a sinister plot out of nothing.More Button

Of course it is.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Acquisition of Galway Lands.

The Land Commission recently obtained possession of an area of 268 acres from this owner through resumption and migration. The preparation of a scheme for disposal of these lands with a view to relie...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Division of Limerick Estate.

I would refer the Deputy to my reply of 20th May last to a question by Deputy Clohessy regarding this estate.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Mayo Vested Holdings.

The information sought is not available in my Department, and I understand that separate statistics of vested and unvested holdings on a rateable valuation basis are not kept by the Central Statistics...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Acquisition of Tipperary Estate.

There are no proceedings for the acquisition of these lands. The attention of the Land Commission, however, has already been drawn to them.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Tipperary Forest Nursery.

The question of establishing a forest nursery on portion of the land recently taken over from the Trench estate is at present under consideration.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 46—Lands (Resumed).

I wish the Deputy would send me particulars because, as far as I know, in the ordinary way, interim replies are sent. I should be glad to investigate the matter if the Deputy would send me particular...More Button

The Deputy did not hear my speech on the Estimate.More Button

He will see we are speeding up the procedure for that.More Button

No, I do not.More Button

It did not start in the Deputy's time.More Button

When the Deputy referred a few moments ago to my initiating landlordism, all I was trying to do was to give some chance to people to acquire some of the 750,000 acres that are now let for a period jus...More Button

The Deputy himself condemned conacre in the past.More Button

Not since 1933.More Button

Would the Deputy make a proposal about doing away with this? His observation is most interesting. I detest the question up to the time of acquisition.More Button

As in the case of Fisheries it would be impossible for me to reply fully before the Adjournment. I should like to commence by referring to some of the statements made by Deputy Blowick, whose criticis...More Button

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