Flanagan, Oliver J.

Wednesday, 22 April 1959

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 174 No. 6

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Ceisteanna—Questions (Resumed). - Rural Entertainment.

Would the Minister undertake to look into the case of Mountmellick, where there is a dance hall which is a gold mine and not a penny tax being paid? I shall write to the Minister to refresh his memor...More Button

Nevertheless, they are paying no tax.More Button

Committee on Finance. - Resolution No. 9—General (Resumed).

I cannot let this opportunity pass without commenting, if I may, on the manner in which the Minister for Finance replied to questions this afternoon tabled by Deputy Sweetman. I feel an effort is bei...More Button

I have no doubt that the Minister's officials are obliging and courteous and would be only too pleased to supply figures asked for by any Deputy. The figures have not been supplied. The manner in w...More Button

I want, if I may, to refer to the fact that as a result of the present Government's financial policy, emigration is higher than it ever was, that the policy of this Government is not to end emigration...More Button

I am sure the Deputy whose conscience is now worrying him knows he made the same promises.More Button

I am sure the Deputy from South Tipperary sent out these circulars to the electors giving an undertaking that Government expenditure would be curbed. What has been done by the Government since they t...More Button

They cut the Gaeltacht housing grant by thousands.More Button

They cut the ground limestone scheme and imposed a charge of over 4/- per ton.More Button

They cut the price of wheat. Is that not right?More Button

You imposed a levy on wheat.More Button

I do not know whether the Minister for Finance is serious, whether he is joking or totally stupid, when he says they did not cut the price of wheat. I cannot believe my ears when he says they did no...More Button

I agree entirely. Not only was the price of wheat reduced but there was a levy imposed of 5/9 a barrel which was never previously imposed.More Button

In addition to all that they brought down the price of barley by 3/- a barrel with an additional penalty clause for moisture content in excess of 20 per cent. This year there has been a tightening up...More Button

I wish to refer, if I may, to the decrease in the amount provided for forestry development and management. Considerable reductions were made in regard to forestry planning, preparing lands for affore...More Button

Having dealt with the price of bread and flour, I want to deal with the failure of the Government to reduce the price of butter in this Budget. They deliberately, by a stroke of the pen, increased th...More Button

Dip—grease.More Button

I do know all about it. I visit people's homes throughout the country.More Button

I am familiar with the conditions under which people live. I am very much alive to the needs and wants of the people. Is it not true that you deliberately deprived people of butter, an item which the...More Button

The brewing industry and the distilling industry are steadily decreasing. Licensed premises have lost trade and custom, and unemployment has been created in the licensed trade, due to the fact that t...More Button

Surely the House has not reached the stage where a Deputy cannot express his views on the Budget?More Button

If we have a Government in office, as we have, who resort to the tactic of relieving taxes in order to obtain Party gain, it is something to which the taxpayers should cry halt. It is something that ...More Button

Oh, yes.More Button

Surely the Chair will allow me the same latitude as other Deputies have been allowed?More Button

I agree that you have always shown yourself a real gentleman, both inside and outside the House.More Button

I was endeavouring to explain to the House, with your kind permission, Sir, that during the past 12 months, the taxpayers' money has been spent on jet aircraft, chinchillas, the setting up of a chewin...More Button

Very good; I certainly accept the ruling of the Chair on this matter. It is unfortunate that the people are faced with their present difficulties. This Budget gives no relief whatever and provides n...More Button

I am reading correctly from the Irish Independent of 18th March.More Button

I am not.More Button

The Minister for Finance knows what the Bishop said, not alone on that occasion but on other occasions.More Button

He is the only outspoken Bishop we have.More Button

Relative to emigration and relative to unemployment, this statement was made by his Lordship, the Bishop of Cork. Any statement relative to unemployment and emigration is certainly relevant to taxati...More Button

That is exactly what Fianna Fáil would like us to do; they would like us to forget the 1948 Trade Agreement. We have had a clear expression of opinion now on that from Fianna Fáil. Deputy Loughman a...More Button

Under that agreement, if the price of live stock went up in the British market, the price automatically went up here for the Irish farmer. This is 1959 and the time has come for another trade agreeme...More Button

The farmers are getting less for their produce. Yet, they are being asked to produce more —more for which they will get lower prices and a lower return for their work. I have often wondered why the ...More Button

This is 1959 and world conditions have changed considerably since 1948. The time has come when new agreements must be made. The Minister should do something about that. He should negotiate between ...More Button

——have more on deposit and have shown greater profits than ever before. I feel that it is the duty of the Minister for Finance to call together the bank directors and make known to them the economic ...More Button

I agree with your ruling, but local taxation would be lighter if there were a greater contribution from the Central Fund and there cannot be a greater contribution from the Central Fund unless the Min...More Button

Surely, if we cannot discuss banking——More Button

No; I was interrupted by a Deputy when I was developing my point. I was suggesting that the Minister for Finance consult with the directors of the banks——More Button

But I was not allowed to develop the point.More Button

How is the Minister for Finance to get more money? He has asked this House to agree to a Financial Resolution imposing certain taxes and giving certain reliefs. I want to suggest to him how he could...More Button

Then, I shall have to avail of another opportunity. If I cannot develop it, there is little use in using it. I feel I have detained the House long enough and I shall not speak further on this matter ...More Button

I conclude my speech as a protest against your ruling.More Button

What relation has that to the matter before the House?More Button

Surely if I was out of order in dealing with banking, bank directors and local taxation, this preamble is out of order.More Button

But there must be some limit.More Button

To start on the Budget.More Button

Hear, hear! I said that.More Button

Yes.More Button

Not at all. You did not know a by-election was pending.More Button

“Low” was the word I used.More Button

Yes—to put “Dev” into the Park.More Button

The Minister wants to see him there so that he can become Tánaiste.More Button

No; he will not be Taoiseach. He will be Tánaiste.More Button

I know it.More Button

I can see deeper than most of the men on this side of the House.More Button

What about the old age pensioners who have no children?More Button

I am very proud of it, too.More Button

To excess. A man who takes a drink is a good man.More Button

On a point of order, may I direct your attention to the fact that reference is being made to my peculiar tongue?More Button

That could be taken up as meaning that my language in this House was not very choice.More Button

I am sure even the Minister will agree that however severe my tongue was, my language was in accordance with Parliamentary usage.More Button

Did anybody speak except myself on this? Why is the Deputy referring to me?More Button

I would be very pleased to hear the Deputy expounding on it.More Button

Deputy Loughman is basing his entire speech on Deputy O.J. Flanagan's remarks. Many other Deputies have spoken apart from myself.More Button

I am sure the Deputy would get the hall if he wanted it.More Button

They have done it in the past.More Button

They will do twice as much the next two elections. The ballroom proprietors did it before.More Button

No, he was not allowed to proceed. Since I had to conclude my speech deliberately in protest against not being allowed to proceed on that question, I trust, Sir, that in your wisdom, you will not all...More Button

I am sure the Deputy would be a very apt student.More Button

I do not think I would be able to endure the task of the lecture.More Button

You will not even talk about it.More Button

Agreed.More Button

Time will tell.More Button

It is costing the State a lot of halfcrowns to help him win.More Button

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