Sweetman, Gerard

Thursday, 19 November 1959

Dáil Éireann Debate
Vol. 178 No. 2

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Public Business. - Electoral (Amendment) Bill, 1959—Fifth Stage.

Four plus one out of seven is better than four out of six.More Button

There is another chicken the Government must look after and that is the reason for it.More Button

The people did not agree with him on the Referendum.More Button

Yes, that is the whole point.More Button

The Government did their utmost to do that in the Referendum.More Button

How can a map be reported in the Official Report?More Button

Clever.More Button

Public Business. - Staff of the Houses of the Oireachtas Bill, 1959—Report Stage.

I agree that the redrafting does cover the situation. The previous draft, shall we say, threw some doubt on the matter. I am not interested so much in the power of suspension per se. What I am inter...More Button

This is one method of showing the way we want the wind to blow.More Button

I am totally dissatisfied with this amendment. I cannot accept what the Minister has said, namely, that this amendment gives the same privileges, if one may use that word, to the people that are nam...More Button

I must confess the Minister and I differ categorically on the principle involved in subsection (1) of Section 26. The principle there is not, in my view, what the Minister says it is—bringing a perso...More Button

The Minister mentioned ushers. I did not intend to mention any particular class but, as the Minister has mentioned ushers, I shall try to compare them with messengers. In latter years they have been ...More Button

No.More Button

The six years is what is involved. I do not want to go into the argument of how much unestablished service is pensionable. I have deliberately avoided that line. As far as I can see, it would run fr...More Button

In fact, if the Minister looks, he will find that one person who came here in 1923 will retire with only 29 years' pensionable service and that the addition of the six years would still leave him with...More Button

Is it not a pity, to put it at its most courteous, that we should look at it in a different way when such a very small number are involved? The Minister is good enough to concede my point of view as ...More Button

There is no urgency in this Bill. We shall give the Minister all stages next Wednesday, if he likes. Would the Minister pass the amendment on recommittal today and take the Report and Final Stages n...More Button

I shall undertake that our people in the Seanad will give the Minister every facility. If the Bill has to come back here I shall also undertake to give him every facility here.More Button

May I suggest that the Minister withdraws the amendment and considers it again between now and Wednesday? If he cannot meet us, I am sure he will be able to——More Button

I was trying to avoid getting the Minister into that situation. Amendment put. The Committee divided: Tá, 59; Níl, 35. TáMore Button

Next Wednesday. The Minister is going to get a soft heart between now and Wednesday.More Button

Because that does not give the Minister enough time to soften his heart.More Button

The amendment just passed was the recommittal. We have not had the Report Stage yet on this amendment. This amendment was recommitted. Is that not so? The amendment was passed just now by the divi...More Button

No, sir. The division has been announced.More Button

When the division is announced, it has to be taken on Report Stage.More Button

I still want some enlightenment. The amendment was recommitted and the division was on recommittal.More Button

Once you have had recommittal do you not have to have that recommittal reported?More Button

Are you ruling that when you have a Committee Stage you have no further Report Stage?More Button

That is what I am asking, but the Chair has just said it was the Fifth Stage now. If it is the Report Stage the Minister is asking for now, I am suggesting the Report Stage be put back to next Wednes...More Button

In Committee.More Button

When is it proposed to take the Fifth Stage?More Button

Not in view of this.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Merchandise Licences.

There is no question there.More Button

“Is the Minister aware?”More Button

Does the Taoiseach think it is right that these licences should be given to Fianna Fáil members?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Military Service Pensions Increases.

“Is the Minister aware—?”More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Delivery of Telephone Directory.

asked the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs if he will state for each of the years 1954 to 1959 the date on which delivery to subscribers of the new telephone directory (a) commenced and (b) was compl...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Omissions from Telephone Directory.

Does the Minister in such cases give free postage facilities to the persons concerned to enable them to notify their normal clients who would be ringing?More Button

Would the Minister agree that it would be a reasonable facility to give?More Button

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