McQuillan, John

Wednesday, 30 March 1960

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 180 No. 10

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Operation of Pools.

Arising out of the reply to Question No. 13, the Minister states that he received no information with regard to that——More Button

Arising out of the reply to Question No. 13 did the Minister not receive——More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 37—Primary Education.

I should like to congratulate the Minister on the step he has taken. For the past seven or eight years, claims have been pressed by this neglected section of the people for their just rights. Both t...More Button

Committee on Finance. - Vote 43—Universities and Colleges (Resumed).

He has gone out of Fianna Fáil now, of course.More Button

I am afraid, like Deputy Russell, that unfortunately I also cannot speak as a graduate of any of our Universities. I do think, however, that I have a duty as a Deputy and as a representative of a rur...More Button

I am basing my remarks on the Minister's speech and I could not think of anything wider than that. I shall certainly not go outside the scope of it.More Button

I must bow to your ruling. On a matter of that nature, a mere £8,000,000 is just a few shillings thrown away as far as education is concerned, when it comes to discussing the broad field in this Hous...More Button

I shall stick my heels in on this. I thought I was entitled on this Estimate to discuss the question of higher education in view of the Minister's suggestion that a Commission to deal with that is to...More Button

I want to repeat——More Button

I do not think we can afford in the field of education to allow the position to continue that 45 per cent. of our graduates are trained for the purpose of the export market. This project, in my opinio...More Button

Is there integration of the training school course with the University College courses or is there not?More Button

I have dealt with what I can only describe as week-end graduate teachers and I am not concerned with the miserable arrangements that are made in certain localities. As a body the Irish national teache...More Button

Evidently Deputy MacCarthy does not follow the activities of the Irish National Teachers' Organisation. If he read today's paper he would find that at the conference on the 19th April one of the prin...More Button

——do not agree that that situation is satisfactory as far as the existing arrangements are concerned for integrating the two.More Button

Again it is a question of priorities. Is there anything practical being done by the Minister to open the doors of this new institution to our primary teachers? Is it not a fact that this new scheme ...More Button

Sir, the moguls to whom I refer are responsible for higher education. The moguls are the people who will ultimately have the spending of this £7,000,000 and I suggest I am entitled to make suggestion...More Button

I find it rather difficult to understand why they are not relevant. I have heard other Deputies ranging over the field of higher education here and suggesting steps the Minister should take in connec...More Button

I am dealing, Sir, with the Faculty of Agriculture.More Button

Reference has been made by the Minister to the number of graduates turned out each year in the various Faculties. Reference has been made by the Minister to the number of graduates in Dairy Science. ...More Button

I do not know if there is an attempt again to stop me from speaking in this House. Surely, the Leas-Cheann Comhairle can make up his mind without assistance from anyone in front of him as to whether ...More Button

I shall, of course, obey your rulings. I must obey your ruling. What I have to say is so important that I shall restrain myself.More Button

That is what I would have hoped.More Button

I want to emphasise that I believe control must be exercised over the various Faculties and over the persons admitted to those Faculties. I think the College authorities have been more than negligent...More Button

The only reason they did it, and it is mentioned in this brochure, was because the position became so impossible on account of the number taking up medicine and engineering.More Button

They did it when the position became impossible and, at that stage, there was a very large surplus of doctors and engineers. What is the position to-day? I can assure the House, and this cannot be co...More Button

Shall I say with the Muses?More Button

In his concluding remarks, Deputy Dillon said that before he retired, he would like to be in a position as the oldest graduate of the institution, to saunter through these leafy bowers and to rejoice...More Button

I shall not get into a discussion with Deputy MacCarthy on exaggeration. However, if he had listened to the contribution of Deputy Major de Valera he would not say I am exaggerating. If the mentalit...More Button

Deputy Major de Valera was horrified at the suggestion of any type of correlation or integration with Trinity. He spoke at length on tradition and on how necessary it is to keep up any seeds of divis...More Button

I should have though our Faith would flourish far better if our youth were able to meet and counteract criticism by people who do not believe along their lines or do not profess the same religion. It ...More Button

I am talking about the fact that we are enticing more and more people, students and their parents, to come to Dublin. I am referring to the fact that the emphasis in the Supplementary Estimate is on ...More Button

I presume as a result of the Minister's statement here now, that when it is a question of education money is no obstacle, we shall see a new approach and that from the lower grade, from the primary sc...More Button

Is this 25 year period to commence at the end of the 20 year period? Does he really mean, in other words, that we should add 25 to 20 together and make it 45, or is he really serious in his suggestio...More Button

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