Tully, James

Wednesday, 19 June 1963

Dáil Eireann Debate
Vol. 203 No. 9

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Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Meath Cottage Repairs.

asked the Minister for Local Government (a) the number of appeals against the condition of council cottages, when vested, in County Meath, which are under consideration in his Department; (b) the numb...More Button

Will the Minister not agree it is a ridiculous situation that, when people appeal against the condition of their houses when vested to the Department, they have to wait years afterwards and even then ...More Button

If the Minister says so, I will take his word for it, but I have very grave doubts.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Amendment of Workmen's Compensation Acts.

asked the Minister for Social Welfare if his attention has been drawn to a report that a roadman was killed by lightning while at work on 6th June, 1963; and that accidents of this nature are within t...More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Public Assistance Act, 1939.

asked the Minister for Social Welfare if he is aware that it is now extremely difficult to understand the Public Assistance Act, 1939, owing to the operation of the County Management Acts and the Hea...More Button

The Minister might make it known generally that the Public Assistance Act has, in fact, ceased to operate.More Button

Is the information the Minister has just given to the House contained in any subsequent Act?More Button

Would the Minister not think it would be a good idea to make arrangements to have that made statutory rather than just give an opinion across the floor of this House?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Sale of Navan Farm.

asked the Minister for Lands (i) if he is aware that the Bowes Farm at Fletcherstown, Wilkinstown, Navan, County Meath, has recently been sold by public auction; (ii) if this fact was brought to the n...More Button

Is the Minister not aware that the information that the lands were about to be sold was passed personally by me to the Land Commission several weeks—almost a month, in fact—before the lands were event...More Button

Yes.More Button

And that was one of them.More Button

Further arising out of the Minister's reply, would the Minister not admit the Land Commission got the information from me in March that a number of farms, including this particular one—have I permissi...More Button

Wait until I ask it first. Is the Minister aware that I supplied information in March to the Land Commission that a number of farms were available in the area and that some, including this one as it t...More Button

If the Minister for Posts and Telegraphs says he did not make that statement, I accept his statement.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Acquisition of Castlerea (Roscommon) Lands.

So was the other one, but the Minister would not give the information.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Arbitration Tribunal for Forestry Workers.

asked the Minister for Lands if in view of the undertaking given to the trade unions on the commencement of the Forestry Bonus Scheme in 1958, that as soon as the Scheme extended to all State Forests ...More Button

Can the Minister give any reason why a guarantee given by his Department to the trade unions several years ago has not been implemented?More Button

Would the Minister not agree that this body was to be set up for very specific reasons because a bonus scheme was being introduced and because of the fact that this was part and parcel of the agreemen...More Button

Guaranteed.More Button

It was not felt by the trade union end of it.More Button

For general workers yes, that is so, but individual cases were held up.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Forestry Working Week.

The Minister should know that that is the height of bunkum.More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Wexford Telephone Installations.

It will not be like the Drogheda one?More Button

Ceisteanna—Questions. Oral Answers. - Congo Troops: Roll of Honour.

Will the Minister guarantee that one man who is walking around the city of Dublin idle will get even a menial job in one of the barracks?More Button

I brought it to the Minister's notice three months ago and the man is still idle.More Button

Finance Bill, 1963—Second Stage.

This evening, Deputy Corish proposed the amendment on behalf of the Labour Party which reads: To delete all words after “That” and substitute:More Button

Deputy Cunningham wants to know what has to be inserted but he is long enough in the House to know that you cannot propose ways of taxation on this Bill and he had better think of something else. Wit...More Button

Deputy Dolan has been talking of things about which he knows nothing. He was not remotely interested in politics when the inter-Party Government were in office. He has been making stupid remarks for...More Button

I am very glad to hear the Minister admitting that he is not a socialist because so many people now are running to the left that we are a little confused about which left they are going to. I am unde...More Button

I am glad that the Minister admits that he is not a real socialist.More Button

If he were, I am afraid this House would have to take another look at things.More Button

I would be inclined to link Deputy Donegan and the Minister for Lands together, despite what he said.More Button

I do not understand that dialect.More Button

We were, and please the Lord, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil will be together in the not too distant future.More Button

I understand that the tax referred to as the 2½ per cent tax, is in fact 2.78 per cent. Perhaps you may say that that does not matter a whole lot but since it is a tax upon a tax, it is easy to bring...More Button

I will leave that computation to the Deputy because if he works it out as he did the other one, he will be a bit muddled. The non-contributory old age pensioner will get an extra 2/6d. but people who...More Button

I do not know what sort of minds some people have if they consider that it will be sufficient to give one type of person 2/6 to cover his losses, despite the fact that it costs 5/- to cover the losses...More Button

I should like the Minister to consider it. How the traders are to collect it is rather a mystery. The unnamed gentleman whom Deputy Donegan and the two Ministers in the Front Bench were discussing, I...More Button

I am quite sure he will have no difficulty at all in collecting the tax because the items he will be selling will be pretty dear, with pounds involved.More Button

That is why he recommends all his customers to pay well to Fianna Fáil so that he will not be caught again. I agree it is good tactics and we cannot blame him for that. Take the person with the littl...More Button

Not a lot but sufficient on which to live. Will the Minister tell me how such a person is to collect the tax?More Button

Although I am thinking of such a shop which is run by a woman near my office, I have not asked her her business and therefore the matter does not arise. How is she expected to collect the 2½ per cent...More Button

I know the Minister would do it quite simply by putting on a halfpenny.More Button

And I think he would put a halfpenny on the box of matches also. The alternative is for the shopkeeper to go out of business and I do not think it would worry the Minister. There are people all over ...More Button

The Minister need not try to put a twist on it. It is simple and no twisting will get away from the fact that people will get out of business because of this turnover tax. On the other hand, you hav...More Button

Some people do not.More Button

I am not as good a judge as Fianna Fáil about such things and therefore I shall not go any further with it. These people will be spending their normal week's wages. Deputy Donegan said a farm worke...More Button

If I had my ball-frame, I could work it out for the Deputy. If he spends £7 per week over the counter, he will pay 3/6d. tax, at the very least, provided he spends it all in pounds or in large units....More Button

The Minister did not use it on the insurance company and there is no use in bringing it in here. There are a number of exemptions which are interesting. It would appear that there was an amateur app...More Button

There is such a thing as tar which consumes a big amount of money spent on roads. Apparently, it is taxable. Perhaps nobody thought about it or perhaps its inclusion is intended and, if so, it will ...More Button

Collection of rents by anybody——More Button

Is the collection of rates taxable?More Button

It does not say so here. I should like to have the full list of what is exempt because so far as I can see, there are two lists and in neither do we find rates are exempt. We must take it that what is...More Button

I wonder. There is also the question of church gate collections which all political Parties have. Are they included? If so, does it follow——More Button

That is a very wide definition. All local authorities at least claim that they give services for the money they receive.More Button

They claim to be good business men.More Button

I should not be surprised if you included them. Church gate collections are included because they are not exempt, unless the Minister has authority to exempt them. Does it follow that church door col...More Button

Then the Minister need not worry. I understand the only farthings seen in circulation for some time were those that appeared in the Fianna Fáil collections this year.More Button

Certain types of oil are exempt—sales of hydrocarbon oils of a kind which are unsuitable for domestic use or for road transport. We can take it they are not taxable. I come now to sports.More Button

We are just coming into the provincial finals, the semi-finals, and the finals. Does the Minister intend to get his grubby paw on as much as possible of what is collected at these? Is this the way to...More Button

The sports organisations will kick up a bigger row than even RGDATA. The GAA were always privileged but it now appears the Minister is going to remove them from that position.More Button

I suggest the Parliamentary Secretary might join a trade union and see whether or not he has to pay a levy. With regard to the enforcement of the tax, if a man makes what is regarded as a fair return...More Button

The Minister for Justice may not be as familiar with the situation as is the Minister for Finance. These sell everything from a needle to an anchor.More Button

I believe we should encourage co-operatives of every kind. If we did, we would be doing the country a good turn. I am against the co-op which carries on business the same as any other trader except t...More Button

They are only one section. There are other co-operatives which should not be included at all, in my opinion. With regard to wages, we had a lecture from the Minister for Industry and Commerce about th...More Button

Let me make this point. There is a body which calls itself the Agricultural Wages Board. Apparently they are sacrosanct. Nobody can interfere with them. When the employer-worker discussions are finis...More Button

If they wanted that, why did not the Government put agricultural workers on the same basis as all other workers?More Button

They cannot, because the two Ministers on the front bench voted with the Minister for Agriculture to prevent anything like that happening. There is no point in talking about employer-labour relations ...More Button

With your permission, a Leas-Cheann Comhairle, I will go back as far as the Minister for Finance wants to go on this subject.More Button

It is relevant enough because nobody can pay an extra tax who has not got the wherewithal to pay it. In this case it is a question of wages. The Minister for Industry and Commerce here tonight gave ...More Button

If the Labour Party were against that then the trade union would not be participating in the talks.More Button

Despite all the smoke-screens being put up in relation to this matter, the facts are that the talks were going well on one occasion and the Government deliberately sabotaged them by taking a very retr...More Button

This is the place to talk about it.More Button

Unfortunately, too many weighty pronouncements are made in after-dinner speeches rather than in this House.More Button

I am not. Do not try to misrepresent me.More Button

I am condemning the Government for trying to do something which they know themselves it is impossible to do.More Button

You cannot talk about setting an agreed wages standard, according to production, when there are one or two or three big groups of people who will be affected by that wages standard when put into opera...More Button

It has not been. In the discussions up to now absolutely no reference has been made to agricultural workers or the lower paid Government employees and the Minister should know that because the Govern...More Button

The Labour Party want to have it done properly. I pledge the full co-operation of the Party if an effort is made to work it properly. We certainly do not want to see something set up which will deal...More Button

I am not, but for trying to pretend that something is that is not.More Button

They did break them up last February and the thing was regulated again. I shall finish on this note: I am told it is a fact that there is a very big number of small traders, some of whom have found t...More Button

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